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The Faculty has been a crucial actor in the creation of modern, high-quality medical and health care services in northern Finland, and it also tries to be sensitive to the needs and expectations of the region for its future development.

The activities of the Faculty are concentrated in the Kontinkangas Campus, where its departments are situated in conjunction with those of the University Hospital.

As stipulated in the recent act, the main purpose of the university is to promote free research, to give higher education and to serve the country and humanity. All three duties benefit of high-quality research. Research of the Faculty provides the knowledge-base for medical training and practice both in clinical medicine focusing on individual clients or patients and public health medicine focusing on populations. Unlike other faculties, The Faculty of Medicine encourages students to gather experience in research from the first year of studies and many medical students start, some even complete, their doctoral research during the basic medical training. Research groups at the Faculty of Medicine also recruit large numbers of young enthusiastic students to conduct their graduate and doctoral studies. This tradition results in a large percentage of young physicians and other health professionals who have gained experience and understanding about the importance of scientific research already when entering to professional life.

Surrounding society awaits from the universities new discoveries suitable for innovative industry and highly educated experts. In addition to these traditional expectations, the communities and the state also benefit of the expertise of the academic world in organizing and critical evaluation of their basic services and duties.

Networking with other domestic and foreign institutes as well as with the state and communities is a must for a successful future university. The aim of the Faculty is to deepen and widen this collaboration in the forthcoming years.