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About us

Note! M-Group has been integrated into a new unit M3S (Empirical Software Engineering in Software, Systems and Services). The majority of M3S is based on M-Group. More info coming soon.

M-Goup focus is in empirical software engineering in software and data intensive systems and servicesIt is a research group increasing rapidly its academic competence and achievements. This is demonstrated e.g. by growing number and quality of publications, large research project portfolio, PhD theses and two FiDiPro professors.  

M-Group has eight professors (including two FiDiPro professors), seven post-doc researchers and over 40 PhD students. The research of the group has been rated as excellent (5/6) in an international external RAE evaluation.

We carry out research typically in collaboration with industry. A wide domestic and international industrial contact network provides a solid basis for empirical research that has high quality academic impact and strong relevance for practitioners. Our Cloud Software Factory and the related ecosystem with companies and other Software Factories provides an environment in which we can carry out student experiments as well as industrial experiments and case studies. 

M-Group has a long tradition in international collaboration. The group is a member of ISERN (Prof. Oivo one of its six founding members) and has actively participated in large European research projects since the 1990’s. Our personnel is very international and we are happy to host both long and short term visitors. The everyday working language and documentation is English, which makes it easy for international members and visitors to adjust within the group.

Our research combines the interplay of development methods with the new innovative systems and services. The main topics of empirical research for software and data intensive systems and services include:

- Methods and processes for software and data intensive systems
- New software & data intensive systems and services
   including architectural and security issues

- Data analytics & big data
- Cloud software development and cloud-based systems
- Software factory & ecosystems