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Technology-Enhanced Learning Sciences

2nd Nordic Symposium on Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL)

September 25th -26th in Oulu, Finland


Technology-Enhanced Learning Sciences - Do we need such concept? 

How will future internet change learning landscape?

How to capture and explore technology-enhanced learning?


Objective and scope

The conference invites and challenges Nordic researchers and educational practitioners to present, develop and discuss about possibilities, current state and upcoming trends of technology-enhanced learning (TEL).

First NordiTEL symposium in Växjö 2010 started valuable work by formulating a Nordic strategy in order to be able to keep our position as one of the leading world regions in the field of TEL. This second Nordic Symposium on Technology-Enhanced Learning goes a step further in developing a scenario how technology-enhanced learning sciences could be developed in the near future and how these advancements could contribute to the work of practitioners. This symposium is organized by LEAF network.

Norditel symposium will offer an interdisciplinary forum for conceptualizing, designing and developing networked technology supported learning. The symposium aims to share research and insights about how technology, such as social media and 3D environments, can serve educational purposes in well-grounded, inspiring and creative way throughout learners’ lifespan.

Tracks of symposium

  1. Creative learning spaces
  2. Effective learning and interaction in TEL
  3. Research methods in TEL



Norditel is arranged as two days event including one day symposium and one day workshop for senior researchers and Ph.D students.



The second Norditel symposium is organized by Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit (LET), University of Oulu.

Berry Photo: Pirkko Hyvönen


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