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Seasonal pictures from a forest in year 2000 (part 1):

Note: the pictures are from Oulu, the views from Lappland should be somewhat different.

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Foto 15.1.00
Permanent snowcover was formed in Lapland at the end of november. The thickness of snow in Lapland
was 30-50 cm at the end of december.

Foto 19.2.00
The snowcover in this forest (Oulu) is not yet in maximum; the depth is now about 50 cm. But it is snowing frequently in this time of year...
The rays of sun will not even reach the bottom of forest at noon.

Foto 16.3.00
The trees are snowed still - as a sign of snowing and freezing. But the shadows of trees are already in view - the rays of sun
reach the bottom of forest at long last! The traces of hare on the snow tell about that it is time to start wedding ceremonies...
In winter time there is a little of food to hare in this kind of forest only, but in some other places the are willows and other young shoots.

Foto 16.4.00
Snowing time is almost at the end. But the forest litter (seeds, needles, twigs etc.) is dropping to the snow when it is windy.
There are hollows beneath the trees - the snow start to melt., spring is coming! The pictures taken in the time of long winter
are nearly all the same, but now start the time of rapid changes (see next pictures) ...

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