You can only be awarded one diploma at a time. This means you cannot receive a diploma for your Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree on the same date. You have to submit two different diploma applications for the two degrees on two different dates. Same applies for the PhL degree.

The completed study modules in major and minor subjects must be packaged properly in Oodi before a diploma can be awarded. It is the student's responsibility to inquire about the packaging of studies from the faculties of their major and minor subjects. Please ask the packaking of your minor studies before filling the application the diploma. The packaning of the minor studies should be asked from the faculty to which you did that minor. You can find contact information of the faculties here. Please tell your name (firstname and lastname), student number, major subject and the minor need to packing. After that you can fill out the electronic application for degree certificate in e-Services. Please remember to register also for the graduation event, when you fill out the electronic degree application:

Degree certificates will be given to the students graduating that month in the Graduation Eventsof Faculty of Science (Publiikki). You can bring max. 2 persons as your avec. You can also invite one person from the university staff if you want. The dress code for the event is smart casual. If you can’t attend the Graduation Event, you can collect the degree certificate from Faculty Service point (G-corridor). If you live out of town, we can also send the degree certificate to you by registered mail.

Marking Compiled Study Modules on the Diploma Application

  • Finalised minor subject modules / grouping studies by subject (a minor subject consists of at least 15 ECTS credits. NOTE: Does not apply to all subjects)
  • Major subject module: studies are packaged after the thesis and maturity examination have both been approved
  • Remember to attach a PSP, or personal study plan, to your application (now mandatory for all students). You can find more detailed information about the filling the application here. If you have problems with the OSAT-system please contact helpdesk: osat(at)


Graduation timetable 2017-18

Fall 2017


24.8.2017 (Notice. All courses have to be registered and student has to be registered to the university (fall 2017).)

1.9.2017 21.9.2017, Graduation Event at 2 pm, hall L9
29.9.2017 19.10.2017, Graduation Event at 2 pm, hall L8
3.11.2017 23.11.2017, Graduation Event at 2 pm, hall L8
24.11.2017 18.12.2017, Graduation Event at 2 pm, hall L7

Last updated: 12.10.2017