Master's Degree

General instructions on theses:
Guide for writing a Master's thesis

Technical instructions (in Finnish) for the thesis can be found, for example, in the "gradu guide" of the Department of Geology and Geography, University of Helsinki. Instructions related to the contents are given by the supervisors.

Maturity test

If a student has done a written maturity test for his/her Bachelor's degree and hence shown his/her proficiency in Finnish or Swedish, the maturity test for the Master's degree is an abstract of the Master's thesis, typed on a special form. In this case, the emphasis of the maturity test is on the familiarity of the student with the subject of the thesis. The maturity test is accepted together with the Master's thesis.

Form for the abstract of the thesis: RTF

Guide for searching geoscientific information

The library of the university has compiled a guide to search for geoscientific information.

E-gradu (electric Master's thesis)

Instructions to students and supersivors for producing and handling electric Master's theses (E-gradu) are found on the library pages on the library pages at theses. The student has to upload his/her final versions of the thesis and related maturity test (=abstract) to laturi, via which the pre-examiners receive the thesis to be evaluated. By his/her own decision, the student can submit the thesis to an Urkund analysis or a test for plagiarism (recommended). It is important to note that publishing of a Master's thesis in the internet will make it comparable to other publications in which the copyright regulations need to be taken into account. Instructions to students concerning copyrights of the material they publish in their thesis can be found at Copyright issues related to master's and diploma theses.

Applying for the right to study for a Master's degree
A person who has completed a Bachelor's degree in some other faculty than Oulu Mining School or the former Department of Geosciences of the University of Oulu, need to apply for the right to study using a special form: RTF

Applying for the degree certifigate

Tutkintotodistus voidaan hakea tiedekunnan toimistosta tai ottaa vastaan publiikissa tai se voidaan lähettää kirjattuna kirjeenä (ks. lomake alla).

When all Master's level studies are completed, students can apply for the degree certifigate using a separate form (see below). They can pick the diploma from the faculty office, or it can be mailed to the student as a registered letter, or it can be delivered at the "publiikki". 
Instructions for applying for the diploma of the MSc degree: RTF
Form to apply for the certificate of the MSc degree: RTF
Form to inform about the address change: PDF
Employment form: PDF
Instructions on the study right after graduation: RTF
Application to re-open the study register: RTF
Application for re-registration: PDF
Receiving the diploma and registering to the diploma award ceremony: RTF
Dress code for the the diploma award ceremony: RTF

To supervisor

Form for proposing the pre-examiners for a MSc thesis: RTF
MSc thesis and maturity test evaluation form: RTF





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