What Can I Study?

Open University offers courses in six fields of the faculties of the University of Oulu and the Language Centre of the University of Oulu. The instruction is in line with the basic instruction offered to degree students at the University of Oulu in terms of quality, content, and learning outcomes. The content and quality of the courses is the responsibility of the faculties and departments of the University. Teachers at the Open University are usually university teachers.

In most subjects the Open University organises basic studies modules of 25 credits and intermediate studies modules of 35 credits. Students may also complete individual courses, the extent of which may vary.

Completing entire degrees at the Open University is not possible. You may only complete parts of a degree that may later be included in your university degree if you are accepted into a university as a basic degree student. Please also note, that the language of instruction is Finnish in most of the courses offered at the Open University.


Last updated: 17.1.2017