Early research interests by the station included research and surveys on local flora, fauna and environmental conditions. In the 1990s, the environmental monitoring programmes of the station were complemented by EMEP, the European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme. Other important activities include phenological monitoring and analyses of water quality in streams, rivers and ponds.


Long-term monitoring projects by the station


Snow cover data since 1967
  • the first snowfall/squall of sleet of the year
  • first snow of the year
  • coming of permanent snow cover / smelting of permanent snow cover
  • thickness of snow cover
Precipitation measurements since 1946
Temperature measurements since 1967
  • average, minimum and maximum temperatures
  • degree days
  • the frost nights and heat days in summer season
  • the length of growing season
  • thermal seasons
Observations on the Oulanka river since 1972
  • water level
  • water temperature in summer season
  • the height and period of flood
  • the coming and melting of ice
Soil frost measurements since 1980
  • in woodland / in peatland
  • on different terrain elevations
Phenology of plant species since 1982
  • 3 habitats
  • 14 species

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Last updated: 27.6.2016