Interact is a international Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic.

Interact projects at Oulanka Research Station

1. BIOGRAZE, Impact of grazing on biodiversity. Project leader: Dan Cogalniceanu, University of Ovidius Constanta, Romania.

2. DIVERSOIL, The effect of forest type and soil microbiological properties on taiga soil thermal sensitivity. Project leader: Beata Klimek, Jagiellonian University, Poland.

3. VOCADAPT, Volatile organic compound emissions from Subarctic tundra - responses to increased CO2 concentration and ozone depletion. Project leader: Riikka Rinnan, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

4. MALARIA, Possible range expansion of Plasmodium in bird populations of the Northern Europe. Project leader: Indrikis Krams, University of Tartu, Latvia

5. CBEA, Pollination biology of Calypso bulbosa and Epipactis atrorubens in Northern Europe. Project leader: Tiiu Kull, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonia.

6. LAKES, Investigating the spatial expression of millennial-scale Holocene climate changes: a multi-proxy lake sediment approach, Finnish Lapland. Project leader: Dan Fower, University of Portsmouth, UK.

7. PRESPONS, Geographic variation in functional traits of arctic plants: predicting responses to climate change. Project leader: Pawel Olejniczak, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland.



Last updated: 8.11.2013