We can provide accommodation up to 70 participants.

The Research Station offers 27 basic type rooms in student or staff dormitory, which all have 1-3 beds, a table and wardrobe. Residents in these units can utilize common lounge, bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Basic room in student dormitory.


Seven accommodation units are in self-contained units that have a kitchen and a shower room, and 1-2 rooms with few beds. These are prioritized for invited speakers and senior participants.


Self-contained unit.


As we are in Finland, sauna will be heated every evening! You also have a chance to swim in the River Oulankajoki, so don´t forget to bring your swimming suit!

The Research Station also provides the small computer room and services for laundry to use. All accommodation rooms have free Wi-Fi access. 

Last updated: 12.2.2014