The focus of phonetic research in the University of Oulu is in Acoustic Phonetics, i.e. the general features and the language-dependent as well as speaker-dependent aspects of the acoustic speech signal. In Acoustic Phonetics, research subjects may include, but are not necessarily limited to, the sound patterns and features of Finnish and foreign languages such as English and Swedish and the prosodic features of speech, i.e. intonation, stress and timing.

In the field of communication disorders and logopedics, phonetic research has concentrated on e.g. voice disorders, voice production problems in teachers as well as on the vocal and spoken features of child language and language development.

Phonetics has many interfaces with other disciplines investigating speech and linguistic behaviour, including general linguistics, the study of individual languages, logopedics, psychology, cognitive science, language technology (automatic speech recognition, speech synthesis), anatomy, physiology, forensic phonetics (speaker identification), etc.

Recent research efforts have been aimed at the prosodic features of the northern varieties of standard Finnish with special emphasis on the interaction between intonation and sound duration in the realisation of sentence stress and on the eventual differences in prosodic patterns between the northern and other varieties of standard Finnish.

Last updated: 1.3.2012