A course in experimental acoustic phonetics






A course in experimental acoustic phonetics


6 cr


Autumn / spring term


the student becomes acquainted with acoustic phonetics research, its motives, phases and measurements as well as with the planning, conduction and scientific reporting of experimental research

learning outcome

upon completion the student is able to independently carry out a linguistic study based on acoustic measurements of speech: i.e. the student is able to gather relevant speech material using field and/or studio recordings, do relevant acoustic analyses and measurements and to interpret and to evaluate the significance of measurement results; the student is also able to select and utilize adequate software tools in scientific lab report writing


working in recording studio; digital processing of speech samples; (speech processing in computer environment); research areas and methods of acoustic phonetics; acoustic measurement of speech and voice: research material, acoustic analyses and measurements; written scientific reports

working methods

demonstrations and excercises, private guidance, laboratory measurement work, writing laboratory report

target group

major and minor language students


completion of the courses Phonetics and Phonology (694512P), Acoustic phonetics (694513P) and Speech production and perception (694511P) and An Introduction to Phonetics (694500P) is required

study materials

required reading: selected chapters (approx. 200 pages = 60h, to be negotiated with the responsible teacher) of the following textbooks: Kent & Read, The acoustic analysis of speech;  Kent, The Speech sciences; Hardcastle & Laver, Handbook of phonetics sciences

assessment methods

written examination, completion of preliminary speech recordings and segmentation tasks and a written lab report on an experimental research task; assessment criteria is based on the learning outcomes of the course; read more about assessment criteria on the University of Oulu webpage



responsible person

lecturer in phonetics

other information

the course studies must be started prior to April 2018 and completed during spring semester 2018     

language of instruction




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