Nano and molecular systems

Nano and molecular systems group (NANOMO) at the Centre for Molecular Materials Reseach has a long history in the research of gases and vapors using electron spectroscopy. Nowadays the research is focused on studying the electronic structure and dynamics of atoms, molecules and clusters (small nanometer sized aggregates of matter). The group has done pioneering research especially in the rapidly developing field of synchrotron radiation physics. 

Focus areas

  • Electron- and ion spectroscopic experiments on low density cluster beams and condensed matter systems.
  • Theoretical modelling and understanding of experimental observations.
  • Development of methods and instruments for nanocluster production and characterization. 
  • Participation in instrumentation of beamlines and end stations at synchrotron radiation facilities. 

Science and Education

The results are published in 20 scientific papers on average annually. The research is carried out as a teamwork with wide national and international collaboration with other research groups working on the field. Majority of experimental work is carried out in Lund, Sweden at the MAX IV-laboratory (former MAX-laboratory).

NANOMO consists of one professor, 4 senior researchers and 8 PhD students. The research is supported by the Academy of Finland and Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation). In addition, researchers in the group have received grants from various domestic and international funds.

Contact information

Nano and Molecular Systems
Faculty of Science
BOX 3000
FIN-90041 University of Oulu

Contact person:

Prof. Marko Huttula, phone +358 (0)400 566218

Fax: +358 (0)8 5531287

Last updated: 19/8/2016