Nano and molecular systems research unit

Latest news

Nano and molecular systems research unit has a new unit structure. The new structure is introduced below. The web pages will be updated so that the new units inside NANOMO are discribed carefully.


NANOMO unit structure

  • ATMOS - group: Synchrotron radiation (SR) based atmospheric research (Assoc. Prof. N. Prisle, tenure)
  • SR - methods and applications (Prof. M. Huttula), including:
            AMO: Atomic and molecular physics research (Doc. K. Jänkälä)
            Functional materials (Doc. W. Cao)
            Clusters, SR spectroscopy (Doc. M. Patanen)
  • Theoretical physics (Prof. M. Alatalo)
  • Biomedical research (Doc. K. Heimonen)
  • Physics didactics (Doc. S. Huttula)

Open position

Senior Research Fellow at the Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit: Functional nanomaterials and applied spectroscopy;jsessionid=50E60C345398742F1F96ED459FF652D4.t15?id=00002827&did=5600&lang=en&jc=1&nav_from_open_jobs_view_new=true

Science and Education

The focus of the interdisciplinary research in the NANOMO unit is on molecular level nanomaterials research, novel applications of spectroscopic and imaging techniques and in physics didactics research. The research is carried out as a teamwork with wide national and international collaboration with other research groups working on the field. Majority of experimental work is carried out in Lund, Sweden at the MAX IV-laboratory (former MAX-laboratory).

The research is continously supported by the European Union ERC and Horizon2020 programs, Academy of Finland, China Scholarship council and foundations and funds. In addition, researchers in the group receive grants from various domestic and international funds.

Contact information

Nano and Molecular Systems
Faculty of Science
BOX 3000
FIN-90041 University of Oulu

Contact person:

Prof. Marko Huttula, phone +358 (0)400 566218

Fax: +358 (0)8 5531287


Last updated: 10/10/2016