Where to apply

The Faculty admits students for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. The students are awarded the right to complete both degrees. In the so-called segregated selections students may be admitted directly to Master’s degree programme if the student’s previous studies allow it.
In the Faculty of Science the lower university degree is Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) and the upper university degree is Master of Science (M.Sc). Postgraduate degrees are Licentiate of Philosophy (Lic.Phil.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D).
There are 23 different subjects of natural sciences represented in the Faculty. These subjects form eight degree programmes. There can be different specializations in the degree programmes. It is possible to complete subject teacher’s degrees for primary and secondary schools or for other institutions in five different degree programmes. The lower university degree consists of at least 180 ECTS units and it can be completed over three years. The upper university degree consists of at least 120 ECTS units and it can be completed over two years. Subject teacher’s degree is always an upper university degree.
Studying is considered to begin when the student enrols at the university.

Last updated: 22.6.2016