Get to know the field

In natural sciences basic research and applied research enrich each other: both natural sciences and mathematics seek answers to questions of pure intelligence and they simplify our lives by producing different applications.

It is both rewarding and difficult to study natural sciences. The students must persistently learn the basics and get to know the latest research results of the field. In the beginning of the studies it is good to remember that in natural sciences everything is based on previously learnt: the better one knows his basics, the more rewarding it is to study in the specialized courses.

Natural scientific education provides a good basis for various research jobs and research and development jobs in industry, companies and research institutes. It also prepares for teaching in primary and secondary schools, polytechnics, universities and companies. Natural science graduates are in demand in the labour market and there are not enough science teachers. 

The development of natural sciences has a major impact on the relationship the humankind has with nature. Only since the development of modern natural sciences have people started to systematically make use of nature, respect nature and judge the aesthetic and moral value of nature.


Last updated: 22.6.2016