On this site you can find forms and instructions regarding B.Sc., M.Sc. or Lic.Phil. degrees or separate certificates (for example for completed studies in teaching subject).

You can also find application forms and instructions for the applicants who want to apply for a right to complete non-graduate studies or Open University studies integrated into basic education (POIA). The right to complete non-degree studies can be granted to an applicant who needs to add professional competence and s/he does not have a right to pursue a degree (study entitlement for basic studies or postgraduate education) at any university. Usually there are no requirements for school education (e.g. matriculation examination) for those who are applying for the POIA study entitlement. NB! If the applicant is already pursuing a degree at another Finnish university, s/he can apply for a study entitlement for certain courses at another university only through Flexible study rights agreement JOO (further information on

A student of another university or another faculty at the University of Oulu who has not graduated and wants to apply for a new right to study without taking part in the normal admission process in the summer can use the attached form for transfer students. An applicant who already has completed a university degree can use the same form. The instructions for applying for a study entitlement and the admission criteria are also attached.

There are also instructions for postgraduate students including the curricula planning instructions for each degree programme.

Note: Many of the forms linked below are in Finnish!


Degree forms (for all degrees, unless otherwise stated):

Other forms:







Last updated: 27.7.2017