How to apply

Science Communication may be taken as a major subject leading to the M.A. degree by anyone with a Bachelor’s or higher level University Degree who has passed the entrance examination. Students with a Bachelor’s Degree from a University of Applied Sciences are also eligible applicants providing their degree is in Communications.

Along with fluency in spoken and written language and an interest in the media and the world of science, selected students are expected to show motivation and a commitment to attending classes regularly. Students are selected on the basis of their previous grades, an essay (to be written in Finnish) and an interview (in Finnish).

A total of 12 new students will be accepted into the Programme every second year with the next intake taking place in early 2019.

Detailed information (in Finnish) on how to apply can be found in the Finnish section "Hae opiskelijaksi" (Hakeminen).


Last updated: 4.5.2017