Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory has been in operation since 1914.
Geomagnetic observations Geomagnetic observations have been carried out regularly since 1914. (Data)
Seismic observations Seismic observations have been carried out at Sodankylä since 28th June 1956. (Data)
Ionospheric soundings At Sodankylä regular vertical ionospheric soundings are carried out since 1st August 1957. (Data)
Cosmic ray measurements Neutron monitor of the Oulu Cosmic Ray Station has been in routine operation since 1964. (Data)
Riometer measurements Riometer measurements at Sodankylä began in 1970, and now SGO maintains the whole Finnish Riometer Chain. (Data)
ELF-VLF campaigns ELF-VLF observations have been carried out only during special campaigns since 1989. (Data)
Pulsation measurements Pulsation observations at Sodankylä began in 1971. The Finnish Pulsation Magnetometer Chain is operated by SGO since 1999. (Data)
All-Sky Camera Aurora Borealis observations with digital All-Sky Camera are done since November 2000. (Data)
Ionospheric Tomography The Ionospheric Tomography Chain has been in operation since November 2002. (Data)
AARDDVARK SGO operates three narrow-band VLF receiver stations within the AARDDVARK Network.  
Infrasound SGO hosts one of the stations of the Swedish-Finnish Infrasound Network. The station was moved from Uppsala in October 2006. (Data)
Meteor Radar Sodankylä-Leicester Ionospheric Coupling Experiment (SLICE) operates a SKiYMET meteor radar at SGO since 2008.  
Meteorological observations Observations were started in Tähtelä when the SGO was established in 1914. Meteorological observatory under Finnish Meteorological Institute started in 1949.


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