ERG-satellite launch window opens

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The launch window of the Japanese ERG-satellite will be open in 20.12.2016 at 13 o'clock in Finnish Time. Live broadcast from the lauch site can be followed from YouTube. More information about the lauch:

SGO's groundbased observations of ULF, VLF waves and cosmic noiser absorption will be used in PWING-project lead by University of Nagoya, Japan. In addition to existing groundbase instrumentation, new optical instruments for pulsating auroras will be in operation after the satellite operations starts.  New 100Hz high-speed camera was installed to Sodankylä by ISEE in September 2016 and first pulsating aurora events are already under study. The installation of the  other high speed camera to Kevo research station and other Japanese cameras to Nyrölä obsevatory will be done in early 2017.


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Last updated: 15.12.2016