Tellus Innovation Arena inspiring open space designed to make connections, work together and create new. We welcome all open minded explorers from both inside and outside the University to enjoy the cozy and lively living room in the heart of Linnanmaa Campus. You can use Tellus spaces independently or participate in our facilitated activities related to university-company collaboration, entrepreneurship and international affairs.


Tellus Innovation Arena spaces

Different spaces and rooms to fulfill your needs.



We make sure that our visitors have the tools to create new and develop themselves.

Work Together

Go farther by walking together. Find multi-disciplinary and diverse students, companies, researchers to work with.

Create New

Become a change maker. Make an impact - solve problems, develop ideas, create projects and businesses.

Opening Hours & Reservations

Our spaces are open Mon-Fri 7-21 and Sat 8-18. For those with campus access card our spaces are open 24/7. Learn more on how to make space reservations.


Contact or visit us

Get in touch! Feel free to contact us any time.


Café Tellus

Quality coffee and snacks will definitely make your time in Tellus even more pleasant!


UniOulu Globe

Find your future exchange destination with this brand new service. Your diverse international networks and multicultural spirit await you.