Admission of students


Granting, acceptance and the start of the doctoral study rights

It may take up to one month after the application deadline before the decision to grant the study rights is made by the Dean of the graduate school.

The applicant must confirm his/her acceptance of the study rights within 10 days after the decision to grant the study rights has been received (instructions for this will be provided with the decision).

The doctoral study rights will start when the applicant has confirmed their acceptance.

Following the acceptance of the doctoral study rights by the applicant

Students who are admitted to the graduate school will receive further information about the next steps to be taken from the graduate school at that time, using the contact information provided in the application form.

Foreign students are responsible for making their own arrangements to obtain visas, work permits etc. Links to further information on how to proceed with these formalities can be found on the UniOGS web pages.

In the event that a candidate is granted doctoral study rights and admitted to UniOGS, the study rights may be revoked (withdrawn) if the student:

  1. Has a work contract with the University of Oulu that is dependent upon a trial period and the latter has not been completed successfully. The graduate school must be informed of the successful completion of the trial period within one month after the end of the trial period.
  2. Fails to present to the graduate school, within 6 months after the granting of the study rights, the authentic original copies of diplomas and other documents referring to previous degrees obtained from institutions other than the University of Oulu, and demonstrating that the academic and language skills requirements for admission to the graduate school have been met.
  3. Fails to complete, within one year after the granting of the study rights, any “bridging studies” that may have been required as a condition for admission to the doctoral degree programme.

Last updated: 12/6/2017