Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE) Doctoral Programme - Intensive Courses

Electrical Engineering

  • Dr. Alexander Doronin  - Development of the Artificial Intelligence methods for the in vivo determination of tissue optical properties (more information: Igor Meglinski), September 2018
  • Dr. Anton Sadovoy - Polyelectrolyte multilayer film is a platform for developing sensors (more information: Igor Meglinski), June 2018
  • Prof. Christian Fager - Chalmers University of Technology - Efficient and Linear Transmitters for Next Generation Wireless Communication Systems (more information: Timo Rahkonen), early autumn 2018
  • Prof. Imre Bakonyi (WRCP) - Nanophase metals in spintonics (more information: Krisztian Kordas), June 2018
  • Prof. Robert Vajtai (Rice) - Advanced materials for energy storage (more information: Krisztian Kordas), June 2018
  • Prof. Akos Kukovecz (USzeged) - Safety breach case studies (more information: Melinda Mohl), June 2018
  • Prof. Laszlo Sajti (AIT) - Advanced materials for implants (more information: Gabriela Lorite), June 2018
  • Prof. David Hui - Composites under harsh environments (more information: Heli Jantunen), June 2018
  • Prof. Grzegorz Litak - Effects of material and structural nonlinearies on energy harvesting (more information: Jari Juuti), 31.1.2018


Communications Engineering

  • Dr. Carlos Lima, UNESP, Brazil - Modeling machine-type wireless communications: a stochastic geometry approach (more information: Hirley Alves), 23.4.2018
  • Dr. Sastri Kota - 5G Networks and Satellite Integration (more information: Ari Pouttu), 11-15.6.2018
  • Prof. Behnaam Aazhang - Machine learning for real life problems and signals (more information: Markku Juntti)
  • Professor Petros Elia, EURECOM, France - Advanced wireless caching (more information: Antti Tölli), 21-22.2.2018
  • Danping He, Beijing Jiaotong University, China - Ray-Tracing based channel modeling and its application to mobile communication (more information: Marko Sonkki)

Computer Science and Engineering

Information Processing Science

  • Professor Robert Feldt, Chalmers University, Sweden - Applying information theory and Bayesian statistics in software testing (more information: Mika Mäntylä), 8-9.10.2018
  • Prof. James Miller, University of Alberta, Canada - Agile, Lean and DevOps emerging trends (more information: Muhammad Ovais Ahmad), Autumn 2018
  • Prof. Kieran Conboy, National University of Ireland, Galway - Flow Analytics in Software Development Projects (more information: Muhammad Ovais Ahmad), Autumn 2018
  • Prof. Juho Hamari, Tampere University of Technology - Gamification and serious games (more information: Harri Oinas-Kukkonen) late Spring 2018
  • Prof. Sriram Iyengar, Texas A&M University - Using Smartphones to Address Health Inequity (more information: Liisa Kuonanoja (liisa.kuonanoja(at), 2-3.5.2018
  • Prof. Alexander Serebrenik, De Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (more information: Mika Mäntylä), May 2018
  • Prof. Sira Vegas, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain - Running Crossover Experiments in Software Engineering (more information: Markku Oivo), 13-14.3.2018 


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