Technology and Natural Sciences Doctoral Programme

Technology and Natural Sciences Doctoral Programme (TNS-DP) is responsible for the doctoral training in the Thule Institute's research areas which represent two of the University's thematic focus areas: 'Creating sustainability through materials and systems' and 'Earth and near-space system and environmental change'. TNS-DP  is the successor of the Aurora DP which ended at the end of 2016. These changes are part of the new strategy of the University.

Technology and Natural Sciences DP Facebook page is used for distributing recent updates of the DP as well as for the information on the events and news of other relevant organizations. Visitors have also a possiblity to share their posts in the page.

Description of the TNS-DP's predecessors (2002 - 2016):

Aurora DP - Doctoral Programme in Environment, Society and Technology in the North, was coordinated by the Thule Institute and built on the platform of the Institute’s multidisciplinary research. Northern and environmental research have been conducted in the Institute since 2005 together with the faculties of the University. The underlining drive for the DP has been a change in the North and a need to study its impact on ecosystems and societies and to find sustainable mitigation solutions.

Aurora DP has been promoting collaboration between complementary research teams in Finland and abroad/internationally. This included collaboration between doctoral students and supervisors at the joint meetings and in students’ follow-up groups.

The doctoral training also benefits from the international and national networks of the Thule Institute.



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