The University of Oulu has established a university–wide graduate school (University of Oulu Graduate School, UniOGS), which started its activities on 1.8.2011. The goal of the UniOGS is to provide the framework for the doctoral education of all students at the University of Oulu.

The graduate school’s main task is to provide a high quality doctoral education at the University of Oulu. This implies the adoption of some standardized practices for doctoral education at the University of Oulu, which are expected to lead to changes in the application process for the admission of students, the study requirements, the supervision, the follow-up processes, and the processes related to the doctoral dissertation.

Instructions for students:

  • Students already engaged in doctoral studies (study rights before 1.8.2012) must register with the University of Oulu Graduate School. Doctoral students with a valid study plan, and whose studies have progressed according to the plan, may follow the old doctoral training requirements until 31.12.2015.
  • The application forms for the admission of new students to UniOGS can be found in these web pages.
  • If the student has study rights for Licentiate degree, he/she applies for doctoral study rights as a new student.

Last updated: 9/8/2016