After being a leader in Finland’s telecommunications research for more than two decades, University of Oulu has started Academy of Finland’s Flagship programme 6Genesis. The programme will provide intelligent digital applications and will develop the fundamental 6G competence needed for smart societies.

Our future society will be increasingly digitised, hyper-connected and globally data-driven. Near-instant wireless connectivity will be the key technical driver for realising this. Programme’s impact goals are to ensure wireless expertise for the industry and to enable early adaption of smart society technologies.


Vision for 2030

Our society is data-driven, enabled by near-instant, unlimited wireless connectivity

Flagship Research Areas

Research on wireless connectivity solutions and RAN technologies will explore 5G/6G network design and optimization for ultra-reliable and secure service delivery through the development of advanced physical layer technologies and dynamic and virtualized network infrastructures.

Flaghip develops distributed intelligent wireless computing methods for transferring intelligence from centralized clouds closer to users and applications. AR/VR over wireless becomes the major application for which intelligent data analytics will be designed together with distributions of related computing across the 5G/6G network.

New device and circuit technologies and implementations will address the different 5G/6G spectrum bands and find tradeoffs between theoretical research and physical implementations in signal processing and RF technologies. New materials and components will be explored together with embedded systems and software development that support stringent quality requirements and allow the establishment of dense sensing networks and distributed intelligent analytics.

Flagship technical solutions and new network operating models will be optimized for vertical applications and services and their feasibility and business potential is assessed through active industry and regulator collaboration. Experimental wireless 5G/6G networks are established for real-life testing with collaborators to form a generic data collection and processing platform that bridges the Flagship disciplines together.

Premium Research Ecosystem

The 5G Test Network facilities in Oulu offer unique possibilities for 
testing 5G technology, components or new services in real time.

The Goals

The programme will enable the development of new radio technologies, related intelligent applications, and a novel 6G-enabled wireless ecosystem. The programme’s goals are to:

Support industry in finalization of 5G

Develop the fundamental technology needed to enable 6G

Speed up digitalization in society

Place Finland at the leading edge of 6G




Key Personnel