17.10.2018 News

Sustainable tourism requires regulation

The sustainability of tourism is one of the central themes under tourism geography at the Geography Research Unit at the University of Oulu. This multifaceted topic encompasses both ecological and societal perspectives.

16.10.2018 News

Artificial intelligence brings new tools for medical imaging diagnostics

A significant 525 000 euro funding was granted by the Future Makers –program by the Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation and the Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation for AIDMEI project, directed by professor Miika Nieminen from the University of Oulu. The goal is to develop a novel artificial intelligence-based workflow for the radiological diagnostics process leading to an accessible, more accurate, and affordable healthcare.

10.10.2018 News

Autumn leaves feed flowing waters

Did you know that the autumn leaves falling into rivers and streams from trees are an important source of nutrition for aquatic organisms? The leaves are attacked by different kinds on zoobenthos, which shred and grind them for nutrition. Climate change is even expected to change the volume of the mass of leaves remaining in flowing waters: when the autumn precipitation still increases from the current level, the flow rates will increase and the leaves falling into rivers will be carried farther away than they used to be. This will change the water ecosystem as well.

10.10.2018 News

5G to improve living conditions in remote areas

Wireless data communication is often still very underdeveloped in remote areas. The University of Oulu’s Centre for Wireless Communications is participating in the development of the 5G network in the remote parts of Brazil and the Arctic area.

5.10.2018 News

Biking to the university through rain and shine

People of the University of Oulu are eager cyclists. 19 teams from the university attended ‘Kilometrikisa’ cycling challenge.

4.10.2018 News

UniOulu alumni, please reply to the career survey!

Did you complete a higher university degree, a degree in pharmacy or a kindergarten teacher´s degree in 2013 or a doctor´s degree in 2015? Career surveys collect information about employment and the special skills needed in working life.

2.10.2018 News

Software production education export launched in China – collaborative research is being planned

A joint Bachelor’s Degree Programme in software production has been launched by the University of Oulu and the Nanjing Institute of Technology. In September, the universities signed a memorandum of understanding for collaborative research. Professor Markku Oivo is satisfied with the project’s progress: “We have been working hard and are forging ahead with a positive mindset.”

1.10.2018 News

Applying a permit for a parking space with a heating outlet for the 2018-2019 season

Parking at the University of Oulu will be reformed in 2019, and a shared campus parking model will be introduced in Linnanmaa (participants: University of Oulu, University Properties of Finland Ltd and Oulu University of Applied Sciences). The introduction of the new parking model will be announced in more detail well in advance.

1.10.2018 News

Recycling through chemistry

The Research Unit of Sustainable Chemistry at the University of Oulu aims at increasing the exploitation of industrial by-products. In the best-case scenario, waste is processed into an environmentally conscious product: for example, alkaline battery mass can be turned into fertilisers.

27.9.2018 News

The University of Oulu has retained its position among the top 300 universities in the world

Like last year, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE), placed the University of Oulu in the 251-300 band of the best universities in the world. This year the prestigious THE ranking scored and ranked a total of 1,258 top universities around the world. In total, there are approximately 15,000 universities in the world.

20.9.2018 News

Science and rap music in the Researchers´ Night

Researchers´ Night, open science event for all ages, will open the doors to the source of science in Linnanmaa at the University of Oulu on 28 September at 5–9 pm. There will be a wide setting of research of the University for example novel uses of light, mummy study, big and small bugs. The programme offers interesting content everyone: workshops, lectures, presentations and panel discussion. The Night will end in a rap concert by SOFA.The event will be arranged for the third time now at the University of Oulu.

13.9.2018 News

Chain Antimicrobials raises over half a million Euros to perform pre-clinical trials

The research-based startup, Chain Antimicrobials Oy, got over half a million funding from Business Finland together with an investment from Butterfly Ventures. The company develops antimicrobial-coated medical devices in order to prevent formation of healthcare-associated infections.

11.9.2018 News

Rector Niinimäki: From turbulence to steady growth

The rapid pace of changes and need for continuing education were discussed in the opening speeches.

7.9.2018 News

Rivers are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions in Arctic areas

Rivers in Arctic areas constitute a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, and especially of carbon dioxide emissions. An international research project has found that the amount of carbon being released from rivers into the atmosphere is larger than previously estimated in the world’s most extensive peat regions in Western Siberia. As the climate warms up, the melting permafrost exposes the huge peat areas in the region, and the organic carbon within this peat can then escape into the atmosphere and accelerate climate change.

6.9.2018 News

Opening of the UArctic Congress: sustainable development and co-operation safeguard the future of Arctic regions

Opening speeches delivered at the University of the Arctic UArctic Congress on 4 September reiterated sustainable development and extensive co-operation as a means of eliminating threats posed by climate change to Arctic regions. The Congress was attended in Oulu by over 450 participants from all over the world.

4.9.2018 News

5G Test Network Enables Flexible Service Solutions for Older People’s Independent Living

Sensors installed in the spacious sunlit home of Erkki Alatalo (91) transmit data on his morning activities. Calmness prevails, as the senior resident of Caritas-home is enjoying his breakfast while surmounting a Sudoku challenge. Careful analysis of the sensor data utilises artificial intelligence producing a model of his daily routines, which is subsequently used for organising individualised nursing and support services by Caritas. As a joint effort, Caritas, three technology companies - Haltian, Indalgo and Kaltiot - and 5G Test Network experts at the University of Oulu and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland contribute to security and comfort for longer living at home in a mature age.

13.8.2018 News

Professor Matti Pietikäinen from University of Oulu receives King-Sun Fu Prize for pattern recognition

Prize will be presented on August 21st in Beijing, China during International Conference on Pattern Recognition

13.8.2018 News

UArctic Congress 2018 takes over the University in early September

The lecture halls of the Linnanmaa campus area will be buzzling with crowds in just few weeks, when the University of Oulu hosts the UArctic Congress 2018 on 3-6 September. After that the congress travels to Helsinki for the 7th September, to be hosted by the University of Helsinki. The congress week will bring together 540 participants from 28 countries, of which 430 participants are expected to Oulu.

13.8.2018 News

Spirit of entrepreneurship is gaining ground in the campus area

In recent years, new routes to entrepreneurship have been opened up for students and researchers at the University of Oulu. Students and researchers are encouraged to show initiative and think in a solution-centred, entrepreneurial manner. Students, researchers and companies have enthusiastically joined common idea workshops and accelerators in large numbers.

9.8.2018 News

University of Oulu is at the top of 6G research - "The university's task is to look forward"

The 6G research programme at the University of Oulu is one of the first ones in the world. "Again we have to do things that we cannot really do yet. That is the purpose of science", Professor Aarno Pärssinen says when faced with the challenge.

8.8.2018 News

Climate change multiplies the number of deaths from excess heat

Climate change is increasing the number and intensity of heat waves globally.

6.8.2018 News

Living close to Chernobyl alters the gut bacteria of wild animals

Researchers at the Universities of Oulu and Jyväskylä, together with their collaborators in the US and France, have shown that wild animals living in areas contaminated by radioactive material have a different community of bacteria within their digestive system (the gut microbiome) compared with animals that do not live in areas affected by an increase in radiation.

31.7.2018 News

Novel discoveries on aggressive prostate cancer may improve clinical treatment

Findings of the researchers at the University of Oulu may be repurposed to stratify prostate cancer patients for personalized treatment and care.