13.8.2018 News

Professor Matti Pietikäinen from University of Oulu receives King-Sun Fu Prize for pattern recognition

Prize will be presented on August 21st in Beijing, China during International Conference on Pattern Recognition

13.8.2018 News

Spirit of entrepreneurship is gaining ground in the campus area

In recent years, new routes to entrepreneurship have been opened up for students and researchers at the University of Oulu. Students and researchers are encouraged to show initiative and think in a solution-centred, entrepreneurial manner. Students, researchers and companies have enthusiastically joined common idea workshops and accelerators in large numbers.

9.8.2018 News

University of Oulu is at the top of 6G research - "The university's task is to look forward"

The 6G research programme at the University of Oulu is one of the first ones in the world. "Again we have to do things that we cannot really do yet. That is the purpose of science", Professor Aarno Pärssinen says when faced with the challenge.

8.8.2018 News

Climate change multiplies the number of deaths from excess heat

Climate change is increasing the number and intensity of heat waves globally.

6.8.2018 News

Living close to Chernobyl alters the gut bacteria of wild animals

Researchers at the Universities of Oulu and Jyväskylä, together with their collaborators in the US and France, have shown that wild animals living in areas contaminated by radioactive material have a different community of bacteria within their digestive system (the gut microbiome) compared with animals that do not live in areas affected by an increase in radiation.

31.7.2018 News

Novel discoveries on aggressive prostate cancer may improve clinical treatment

Findings of the researchers at the University of Oulu may be repurposed to stratify prostate cancer patients for personalized treatment and care.

11.7.2018 News

Glow-worms shine in order to reproduce

A small green light that can be seen in a summer night is a female glow-worm with reproduction as the sole purpose of its approximately two-week adult life.

5.7.2018 News

Significant EU-funding for the research of vascular anomalies

Professor Lauri Eklund and doctoral student Prateek Singh from the University of Oulu together with their European partners have received nearly 3.8 million euro funding for the H2020-MSCA-ITN project called V.A. Cure.  The goal is to provide doctoral education for early-stage researchers in the field of vascular biology, and to uncover the disease causing mechanisms to establish novel therapeutic strategies for vascular anomalies.

5.7.2018 News

New weight loss program developed at the University of Oulu – resulting in permanent weight loss

The web-based weight management program Onnikka, developed by the researchers at the University of Oulu, supports people in achieving permanent lifestyle changes by influencing their thoughts and attitudes. Persons using the program lost weight and, for most of them, their weight remained at the achieved level throughout the two-year control period.  

3.7.2018 News

Rare genetic flaws explain sudden cardiac-based deaths of young natives of Northern Finland

Cardiology researchers at the University of Oulu have found a number of genetic alterations that might explain sudden deaths among young adults in Northern Finland. The observation of the hereditary nature of cardiac fibrosis helps researchers understand the mechanisms that lead to other serious cardiac diseases.

28.6.2018 News

Student admissions results published – congratulations to all successful applicants!

All the student admissions results for the University of Oulu have now been published. Around 2100 new students will be starting their studies at the University. Just under 14% of total applicants were admitted.

28.6.2018 News

Organic materials from the subsurface oceans of Saturn’s moon Enceladus

The spacecraft Cassini has identified complex organic substances in material that comes from Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus. This finding supports the idea that the water beneath the ice of this moon harbors conditions that might be suitable for life.

27.6.2018 News

Converting factories into innovation platforms to make production more efficient

The Finnish manufacturing industry is taking the digital leap, and it utilises the strong corporate and research sector of the IoT industry in this transformation. The aim is to convert factories into innovation platforms and have them share their successful solutions to improve competitiveness and efficiency in the manufacturing industry.

26.6.2018 News

SECREDAS is developing reliable and safe automated systems

The new large European SECREDAS project builds a reference architecture for reliable and secure automated systems. The project focuses on the automotive industry, rail transport and individual healthcare. They all require high levels of operational certainty and safety, and include technologies such as radar systems, vehicle-to-infrastructure and in-vehicle networks.

25.6.2018 News

Interdisciplinary research showing the way for 5G micro-operators

Fifth generation mobile networks will soon enable many things that prior technology is not capable of. It also challenges the different vertical sectors to renew their business models

20.6.2018 News

Academy of Finland funding for 21 Academy projects, 6 Academy Research Fellows and 9 Postdoctoral researchers in the University of Oulu

The Academy of Finland has published funding decisions of Academy projects, Academy Research Fellows and Postdoctoral researchers on the research areas of Biosciences and Environment, Culture and Society, Natural Sciences and Engineering, and Health. The funding was granted from 1 September 2018 onwards.

20.6.2018 News

Mummy studies contribute to knowledge of Northern Finnish disease history

The researchers in Oulu are pioneers in the tracing of Finnish disease history with the help of mummies. By studying the mummy of Nikolaus Rungius, a Vicar of the Kemi parish, Archaeologist Tiina Väre has discovered that the clergyman may have suffered from tuberculosis, obesity, and, according to the latest findings, gynecomastia.

20.6.2018 News

WHO collaborating centre tackling global change and health continues in Oulu

World Health Organization has redesignated the Center for Environmental and Respiratory Health Research (CERH) as a WHO Collaborating Centre in Global Change, Environment and Public Health for a new four-year term starting from May 20, 2018. The director of the WHO collaborating centre is the director of CERH, Professor of Public Health Jouni Jaakkola. CERH at the University of Oulu is the only university based research unit in Finland serving as a WHO collaborating centre.

19.6.2018 News

Three new TUTLI projects to University of Oulu

TUTLI is Business Finland´s funding type that aims to create new research-based business. This spring´s call six applications were submitted from University of Oulu. Three of them got the funding. Since 2012 University of Oulu has got TUTLI-funding to 34 different projects. From them currently ten new startup-companies have been established.

18.6.2018 News

Oulu-based research on behavioral tracking of depression by smartphone data analysis

Researchers at the University of Oulu Center of Ubiquitous Computing have received funding to provide objective measures for identifying depression and systematically tracking its course over time.

15.6.2018 News

6G Flagship moving ahead in full sail

The Academy of Finland selected the first two competence clusters to be funded under its new Flagship Programme earlier this spring. The 6G Flagship led by the University of Oulu has started its activities firmly.

14.6.2018 News

University of Oulu Rises in the QS Comparison

In the latest QS World University Rankings comparison, the University of Oulu has risen to join 400 top universities. Oulu placed 376th whereas last year it was in the 411-420 ranking interval.

14.6.2018 News

University of Oulu and OuluHealth ecosystem invest in strengthening the competence in digitalization of health

Council of Oulu Region has granted a 679 000 € funding for DigiHealth Knowledge Hub –project, coordinated by the University of Oulu, from European Regional Development Fund until summer 2020. The objective is to increase competence and capacity amidst the rapid progress of health and wellbeing digitalization.

5.6.2018 News

Golden nanoglue completes the wonder material

In a recent study, scientists at the University of Oulu have developed a nanojunction, joining one of the most promising novel materials, molybdenum disulfide, with nickel.