23.11.2017 News

Immerse in 5G at Slush

Home to the 5G network, Oulu will make it possible for the international technology community at Slush to live and enjoy the true 5G experience.

15.11.2017 News

Deans and Education Deans have been appointed

Deans and Education Deans for the University of Oulu have been appointed for the following four-year period 2018–2021.

15.11.2017 News

Equality and high demand for mathematical skills challenging university admissions

On Tuesday 7 November, new information was published on a national student admissions project and the scoring models of matriculation examination grades used in university admissions. The extensive data set compiled by researchers at the University of Oulu shows what kinds of students were admitted to universities using the current system in 2013–2015. Development should be focused on the question: what kind of skills should university students learn in upper secondary school?

9.11.2017 News

Cyber-safe radio waves challenge satellite connections

Hailing from the University of Oulu, KNL Networks aims to become a leading communications service provider for the maritime industry. The company came up with the idea of harnessing high-frequency radio waves for long-distance digital communications. The HF data network offers a safer and more affordable alternative to satellite communications.

8.11.2017 News

1 M€ Funding for imaging of early osteoarthritis

Professor Miika Nieminen has received a large funding of 1,018 M€ from Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation for the project “Structure-specific MRI characterization of articular cartilage in osteoarthritis”. This is a continued funding for a project previously supported by the same foundation.  

7.11.2017 News

University admissions to change: certificates to provide more opportunities

Student admission based on upper-secondary school certificates and matriculation examinations is becoming a more significant route to university. The system is currently under development with the help of a tool created for scoring matriculation examination grades.

2.11.2017 News

The proportion of students with at least 55 credits now 50%

During academic year 2016–2017, exactly 50% of the students of the University of Oulu completed at least 55 credits. This makes the University of Oulu the first and so far the only university that has broken the 50% limit in the proportion of students who completed at least 55 credits.

31.10.2017 News

Prince Albert to Oulu in September

Prince Albert II of Monaco will be the keynote speaker at the UArctic Congress in Oulu in September 2018. He will arrive in Finland at the invitation of Rector Jouko Niinimäki. Niinimäki serves as Vice Chair of the Board of Governors of the UArctic cooperative network of universities.

31.10.2017 News

Interleukin 6 (IL6) gene modifies the effect of smoking on the risk of asthma

The results of a recent study emphasize the role of cytokine Interleukin 6 (IL-6) in the pathogenesis of asthma and imply that certain IL6 genotypes increase susceptibility to the adverse effects of tobacco smoking on the risk of the asthma. The research was carried out in the University of Oulu, at the Center for Environmental and Respiratory Research (CERH) by docent Taina K. Lajunen, Professor of public health Jouni J.K. Jaakkola and Professor of pulmonary medicine Maritta S. Jaakkola.

27.10.2017 News

Scientists discover a new promising malaria drug candidate

An international group of scientists has identified a new antimalarial compound and its two target proteins. The results may lead to development of novel drugs against malaria.

26.10.2017 News

Scientists identify 72 new genetic variants contributing to breast cancer risk

Seventy-two new genetic variants that contribute to the risk of developing breast cancer have been identified by an extensive, international team of researchers. The findings were reported in the journals Nature and Nature Genetics. Genetic studies pave way for understanding the pathogenesis of breast cancer.

20.10.2017 News

The past is present in the present

Lapland's Dark Heritage is a project that examines the traces that wartime cooperation between Finland and Germany left in the mental landscape of Northern Finland.

13.10.2017 News

Demola refines ideas into innovations

The Demola cooperation between companies, the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences benefits all parties involved. In the best scenario, the company gets to launch a new product or service concept. The universities gain new research knowledge and the students job opportunities.

12.10.2017 News

Speed and security of future 5G applications enhanced with the help of artificial intelligence

The cutting edge 5G research carried out at the University of Oulu is boosted by significant funding granted to its research team for the development of research on artificial intelligence. Around the 5G network, new technologies and applications are already being developed in which low latency and security are critical factors in settings such as hospitals, industry or steering of vehicles.

12.10.2017 News

Arto Maaninen is the new vice rector for cooperation

The Board of University of Oulu has chosen PhD Arto Maaninen as the new vice rector, cooperation.

12.10.2017 News

Biobased carbon nanomaterials for electronic applications

The Fibre and Particle Engineering and Microelectronics Research Units of University of Oulu have received research funding from Tekes for their project “Green carbon nanofibers for large area electronics” (Grelectronics) for two years.

9.10.2017 News

University of Oulu to export a Bachelor's Programme in Software Engineering to China

The University of Oulu has signed a significant agreement with the Nanjing Institute of Technology (NJIT) on the launch of a Bachelor's Programme in Software Engineering in China. The education export project is the biggest in the university so far. It is also one of the biggest among all externally funded projects in the university.

6.10.2017 News

Reindeer bones give an archaeologist clues to interaction between humans and animals

Humans have always needed the help of animals to survive. A project that recently received a considerable amount of funding looks at the domestication of the reindeer to find out how coexistence between animals and humans evolved.

29.9.2017 News

Persevering collaboration brings cyber research centre to University of Oulu 

A research centre for cyber security is to be established at the University of Oulu as a Finnish-American collaborative effort. Setting up the centre at the University of Oulu is the result of persevering international cooperation that has been carried out in Oulu especially in research into data security and wireless data communications. 

26.9.2017 News

University of Oulu joins Nokia Bell Labs Distinguished Academic Partner programme

The University of Oulu has been selected into the Nokia Bell Labs Distinguished Academic Partner programme. Universities and research organisations in the programme are involved in wide-ranging cooperation with Nokia Bell Labs in research, teaching, and innovation, while creating a common vision on the future of wireless technology. Twenty-five top universities from around the world have been invited into the programme.

21.9.2017 News

The modern experience researched at University of Oulu in a rocking fashion!

What kind of experience is a virtual heavy metal concert scientifically speaking? This is being researched in a test environment the likes of which has never been realised before in this scope. On Saturday 23 September, popular Finnish heavy metal band Amorphis, which is internationally known, will stream its 360 Experience concert live and as a 360° video. At that time, there will be 30 test subjects taking part in the University of Oulu's distance concert trial. 

21.9.2017 News

The Arctic region needs dialogue between local people and science

This year, the Associated International Conference and Rectors' Forum of the University of the Arctic (UArctic) cooperative network was held in Aberdeen, Scotland, under the theme Conversations from the North. The talks given underscored the cooperation between local people and researchers – that is the only way by which the life in the Arctic can be genuinely improved.

12.9.2017 News

New, affordable and easy to upscale electrocatalyst for hydrogen production from water

Research teams of Umeå University, Åbo Akademi, University of Danang and University of Oulu have developed a novel robust and efficient catalyst nanomaterial for electrochemical water splitting, which is easy to apply and feasible to produce in large quantities at low cost. 

12.9.2017 News

Fatal fibrosis as a matter of heart

The material of the cardiology researchers from Oulu can be considered unique on the global scale. This material is used to study what factors influence development of fibrosis that leads to cardiac diseases and sudden death.