28.3.2017 News

New guidebook for internships in universities – also for employers

A new guidebook for internships and other work periods in universities has been published.

24.3.2017 News

Plentiful exercise has positive effect on vertebra size

The winning study in the annual research competition organized by the Finnish Society for Back Research has shown that above-average lifelong leisure-time physical activity is connected with verteb

24.3.2017 News

Thelma Mäkikyrö foundation gives large donation for medical research

The Thelma Mäkikyrö foundation has made a significant donation of 100,000 Euros to the University of Oulu.

22.3.2017 News

Turning grain crop residues into high-value extraction compounds

Residues of agriculture are turned into high-value extraction compounds with a new biorefinery concept.

20.3.2017 News

Novel method for detecting coronary artery disease before heart attack

A large collaborative consortium led by the University of Oulu is developing a method for diagnosing coronary artery disease before a fatal heart attack occurs.

16.3.2017 News

Joint application offers wide-ranging degree programmes – students can specify their choices as studies progress

The University of Oulu is aiming to make the student’s study path as fluent as possible.

16.3.2017 News

Sawdust suitable for purification of industrial wastewaters

Chemically modified pine sawdust can be used for removing nitrates and metals from industrial and mining wastewaters. In her dissertation, M.Sc.

15.3.2017 News

Latest adipose tissue research is the theme of Biocenter Day

The adipose tissue of our energy reserve is the shock absorber of our body and sculptor of our topography, and it has been given new shades in recent research.

9.3.2017 News

Mehdi Bennis receives EURASIP award

An article written by Ejder Bastug, Mehdi Bennis, Marios Kountouris and Merouane Debbah has received the prestigious 2017 EURASIP Best Paper Award for the Journal

8.3.2017 News

University of Oulu among the best in the world in six sciences

The University of Oulu is ranked among the best universities in the world in six sciences in the new QS World University Rankings by

6.3.2017 News

Energy-harvesting mineral finding gets international publicity

Microelectronics researchers at the University of Oulu have discovered a type of the mineral perovskite which makes it possible to convert sunlight, heat and motion into energy simultaneously.

2.3.2017 News

A mineral finding could solve the energy demands of small appliances

Microelectronics researchers at the University of Oulu have discovered a type of the mineral perovskite which makes it possible to convert sunlight, heat and motion into energy simultaneously.

2.3.2017 News

City of Oulu supports student internationalization to honour Finland’s 100th anniversary

The City of Oulu is giving the total of 400,000 Euros of the City’s development funds to the University of Oulu and the Oulu University of Applied Sciences to honour the 100th anniversary of Finlan

2.3.2017 News

284 Young Doctors to be conferred in the 10th Conferment Ceremony

The 10th Conferment Ceremony of the University of Oulu on 19th to 21st May 2017 will see 284 Young Doctors conferred.

23.2.2017 News

Artificial intelligence uncovers diseases by analyzing physiological signals

Electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram tell us nothing if they are not analyzed. The Physiological Signal Analysis Group in the University of Oulu is looking for novel ways to interpret various measurements. In addition to studying the signals of the heart, respiration, and the nervous system, they also study expressions, gestures and speech.

16.2.2017 News

Micro-enterprises are discovering export markets

They have discovered in Northern Ostrobothnia that even a micro-enterprise with less than 10 employees can start export activity. It does not matter where the company is located if they have courage and desire to take advantage of the opportunities that digitalization offers, to try out quick commercialization and product releases, and to network with other experts.

15.2.2017 News

Nokia and University of Oulu form joint center for future connectivity

Nokia and the University of Oulu have strengthened their collaboration by establishing a new research and training center focusing on work around wireless infrastructure for 5G and beyond.

14.2.2017 News

Polar Bear Pitching gathers startups and media to Oulu

Startup event Polar Bear Pitching is organized for the fourth time on February 14-15th 2017 in Oulu, Finland.

9.2.2017 News

First 5G demo devices in Finland delivered to the University

Nokia have delivered the first pre-commercial radio devices based on 5G technology in Finland to the Centre for Wireless Communications research unit in t

8.2.2017 News

Solving the mysteries of the climate

When you light a candle or fry dinner on a pan you fill your lungs with tiny nanoparticles. At their smallest they measure less than 0.000000001 meters and they’re all around us.

7.2.2017 News

Heart Medication Decreases the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death during Cold Spells

​According to a new study published in Scientific Reports, the risk of sudden cardiac death was significantly increased during prolonged episodes of cold weather known as cold spells (Odds

3.2.2017 News

The judiciary restrains the U.S. President’s exercise of power

Donald Trump’s rise to power has roused concerns over how freely he can put his intentions into practice. Docent of North American studies in the University of Oulu, Ari Helo, answers questions on the U.S. President’s power and its limits.

30.1.2017 News

1425 applications for international Masters’ programmes

There were 1425 applications for international Masters’ programmes in the University of Oulu this year. Deadline for applications was 25 January 2017.