17.6.2016 News

Human organs cell by cell from a laboratory

In the future, our own cells can be used for growing tissue and perhaps even whole organs to replace damaged ones.

16.6.2016 News

The Board of the University of Oulu decided on degree program renewal and tuition fees

The Board of the University of Oulu decided in its meeting 15 June 2016 on implementing the degree program renewal for the student selection of 2017.

13.6.2016 News

Energy weather forecast: Power from the Sun and wind

The energy weather forecast converts sunshine and wind into kilowatt hours for each location over the next 24 hours.

13.6.2016 News

Internet developer Schulzrinne at the University of Oulu in June 16–17

Professor Henning Schulzrinne from the United States is visiting the University of Oulu 16–17 June 2016. He is a central figure in the development of the Internet.

7.6.2016 News

Millennium-award winning Frances Arnold gives public lecture in Oulu 15 June 2016

Professor Frances Arnold, who received Finland's most important science prize, the Millennium Technology Prize in May 2016, visits Oulu on Wednesday 15 June 2016.

1.6.2016 News

Air pollution increases risk for stillbirth

New study results show evidence that exposure to ambient air pollution, especially during the last third of pregnancy, increases the risk for stillbirth. The study was carried out

1.6.2016 News

Campaign result exceeds 5 million euros

The Growing Together fundraising campaign in the University of Oulu has now made over 5 million euros.

26.5.2016 News

University of Oulu ranks well in the CWTS

The University of Oulu is ranked at 485 in the world, and at number four in Finland in the Leiden University CWTS ranking. The ranking takes into account the publications of the universities.

10.5.2016 News

Oulun yliopisto – Tiedettä arktisella asenteella

Oulun yliopisto tuottaa uutta tietoa kestävämmän, terveemmän, älykkäämmän ja humaanimman maailman rakentamiseksi. Tutkimuksellaan se osallistuu globaalien haasteiden ratkaisemiseen ja hyödyttää ihmisiä kaikilla leveysasteilla.

6.5.2016 News

NASA rewarded space technology experts from Oulu

Jyri Porter and Professor Kauko Lappalainen from the University of Oulu research units of Materials Engineering and Production Technology have received the NASA Ro

19.4.2016 News

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