2.1.2017 News

Over a million euros for cohort studies in Oulu

Academy of Finland has given funding from its “Health from cohorts and biobanks” academy program for shared cohort projects of consortiums consisting of universities and research centers.

22.12.2016 News

Practical applications at one-millionth of a millimetre

Materials research conducted by the Nano and Molecular Systems Research Unit has led to a patented innovation, which enhances energy efficiency. Operating on a nano-scale also seems to play a critical role in climate change. One of the Research Unit's key research methods--synchrotron radiation (SR)--has been used in multiple scientific fields, ranging from medicine to history. 

19.12.2016 News

Competence center to make use of greenhouse gases

Researchers in the University of Oulu propose the founding of a competence center to find solutions for making use of greenhouse gases and decreasing their environmental effects.

15.12.2016 News

Flaming northern lights and Sirius dazzle the December sky

The darkest time of year in December-January is the best time to watch the celestial show.

13.12.2016 News

Machine Vision Group celebrate their 35th Anniversary 16 Dec. 2016

Machine vision is one of the internationally strongest research fields in the University of Oulu.

8.12.2016 News

Nano surface acting like a leaf

Physicists in Oulu have succeeded in developing an energy efficient nano surface by modelling the surface structure of leaves.

1.12.2016 News

Pentti Kaitera Foundation Award to Matti Latva-aho

The Professor Pentti Kaitera Foundation Award 2016 has been awarded to professor Matti Latva-aho as recognition for his distinguished research on the field of communications engine

30.11.2016 News

New publication visualizes environmental change through photography

Global environmental change calls urgently for new perspectives, practices and fresh imaginations.

30.11.2016 News

The University of Oulu has improved the most in openness of science and research

The University of Oulu has been selected as the most improved organization in the openness review 2016 of universities and research institutes.

29.11.2016 News

Shared campus of the University and Oulu UAS: New areas selected for the relocating faculties

The University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences (Oulu UAS) will form a shared campus in Linnanmaa during 2019-2020.

24.11.2016 News

Ubiquitous information technology is the invisible everyday helper

The goal of information technology development is that it will be ubiquitous and so easy to use that people barely notice using it. Ubiquitous information technology can be used to track the movements of a person with a memory disorder, make rocks talk, and develop collective intelligence.

21.11.2016 News

Cooperative banks donate 800,000 euros to the University of Oulu

Cooperative banks in the regions of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu, together with OP Cooperative, donate 800,000 Euros to the University of Oulu.

15.11.2016 News

5G Test Network opens business opportunities

The 5G Test Network already covers the entire Linnanmaa campus in the University of Oulu. Now there is a search going on in the project for partners to test the data communications needs of the future, and new business opportunities.

10.11.2016 News

Genome shows the adaptability of the pine

The pine (Pinus sylvestris) does not reach maturity instantly. Therefore, it is useful to be able to ask them at an early stage: “What will you be when you grow up?”. Individual pines will answer the question with their genes.

7.11.2016 News

Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland donate 125,000 euros to the University of Oulu

Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland – TEK have donated 125,000 euros to the fundraising campaign of the University of Oulu.

28.10.2016 News

New fabrication method for ceramic components developed

The Microelectronics Research Unit in the University of Oulu have developed a novel method for fabrication of ceramic components.

27.10.2016 News

KNL Networks raises 9.3 million funding

KNL Networks (former Kyynel), a startup-company of University of Oulu, has developed a new wireless communication system which can be used in the most extreme and isolated locations on Earth.

25.10.2016 News

Novel business from water supply development

Clean water is the oil of the future.

13.10.2016 News

Future is bright for data transmission

In the future, lights in homes, schools and hospitals will be transmitting data, says professor Marcos Katz.

10.10.2016 News

Erotu eduksesi työnhaussa -luento 20.10.

TE-toimisto tarjoaa Erotu eduksesi työnhaussa –luentoja, joilla käsitellään työhakemuksen ja CV:n kirjoittamista sekä työhaastatteluun valmistautumista.

7.10.2016 News

Finnish refugees were wanted in the South Dakota prairie in the 40’s

It was suggested in 1940 that a Finnish refugee colony be founded in the geographical center of the United States, on former Sioux lands.

3.10.2016 News

Oulu came in large numbers to Researchers' Night

People in Oulu participated in large numbers in the Researchers' Night science event, which was held in the University of Oulu for the first time on Friday 30 September.