Intercultural Teacher Education

Intercultural Teacher Education, Degree Programme in Teaching and Education, Bachelor and Master of Arts (Education) (3y + 2y)

  • Intercultural Teacher Education is unique in Finland with focus on education, globalization, diversity, and ethics

  • You will be qualified as a primary teacher in Finland

  • Programme includes a multicultural study or work period in an educational institution or project abroad or in Finland

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The degree is oriented towards primary teacher education, so the programme focuses on the special issues related to the teaching and education of pupils studying in grades 0-6 basic education.

University of Oulu has a wide selection of minor studies in other faculties and student has an opportunity to get a qualification also to teach in secondary school in Finland. The education provides competences for international educational tasks as our students in Intercultural teacher education studies in multicultural group.

Teaching of multicultural classes, project management and administration, international consultation and educational policy and administration are just few examples of tasks that the students can work with after graduating.