University chaplain

The university chaplain serves the students and the staff. He will discuss in private any problem you may have, for example, if you need support regarding problems with a relationship. In addition to professional secrecy, he is also bound by the seal of the confessional. He specialises in questions related to the philosophy of life, religions and the view of the world. The university chaplain arranges the ecumenical services at the opening of the academic year and the conferment of academic degrees as well as the Christmas and Easter devotional services. In possible crisis, the university chaplain will provide mental assistance. He can be asked to perform services, such as baptism, marriage, funeral, etc. The university chaplain coordinates the collective operations of religious student organisations. The services are free of charge, provided by the Evangelical-Lutheran congregations of Oulu.

Contact information:
- University Chaplain Ari Savuoja, Evangelical-Lutheran congregations of Oulu (page in Finnish)
- University of Oulu, office TF101
- email:

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Last updated: 27.6.2017