Financial Aid

If you are not a Finnish citizen, you may be entitled to financial aid with education in Finland if

  • you are registered as a permanent resident of Finland in the population register system and
  • your purpose for residence in Finland is something other than education (for example, work, family ties or return migration).

If you are in Finland for the express purpose of attending school, you are not eligible for financial aid from Finland.

For more information on financial aid see Kela's www pages.

Eligible students can apply, cancel, and inform about changes at the Student Center. We can also help with proof of non-eligibility for student financial aid, provided you have a Finnish personal identity number.

Proof of Non-Eligibility for Student Financial Aid

Some international students getting grants from home countries may require proof from KELA that they are not eligible for Finnish study aid. Student Center Financial Aid staff can help with this. However, in order for KELA to process this request, you must have a Finnish Personal Identity Number.

Personal Identity Number

Most students get this when they complete civil registration. However, if you do not have one, e.g. if you are an exchange student from the EU/EEA area staying for 3 months or less, you will have to get one if you wish to deal with KELA. First, you must register yourself as resident in Finland (see here), and then obtain the number at your local Magistrates office (Oulun Maistraatti)

The processing of applications for student financial aid will end at university of Oulu on 1.1.2017

Applications for student financial aid from students at the University of Oulu will be processed at Kela starting 1.1.2017. Previously the applications have been processed by the financial aid committee of the university. There is no need for the students to contact Kela or the financial aid committee of the university or to take any other steps as a result of this change.

You should contact Kela starting 1st of January 2017 if you have questions concerning the decisions of student financial aid, payments of student financial aid, letters sent by Kela or annual income check.

Kela’s contact information:

In the future, the financial aid committee of the university of Oulu will only be responsible for the guidance regarding the monitoring the academic progress and extensions of the maximum payment period of student financial aid

Contact information of financial aid committee of the university of Oulu:

  • tel: 029448 9100
  • N.B.: Student Financial Aid counter is not serving anymore after January 1st, 2017


Last updated: 21/12/2016