Fibrosis diseasome - Fibrosis as a shared risk factor in the etiology of complex chronic diseases and unhealthy aging

FIBROSIS DISEASOME is a profiling area in the Molecular and environmental basis for lifelong health strategic research focus area of the University of Oulu. It is funded by specific funding instrument of the Academy of Finland to strengthen the universities´ research profiles in Finland.

Fibrosis is a major contributing pathology in several chronic complex diseases. It is a scarring process where functional tissue is replaced by excess extracellular matrix leading eventually to organ failure and death. No effective therapy is available to cure or prevent fibrosis, which currently presents a major unmet need in medicine.

The goal is to generate fundamental new knowledge of the molecular and epidemiological basis of fibrosis in complex chronic diseases and unhealthy ageing. High discovery potential and rapid translation into novel therapeutics and diagnostics is facilitated by embedding in an innovative biomedical ecosystem to promote effective prevention and treatment of fibrosis.

The research is carried out in the university´s strategic research focus institutes Biocenter Oulu and Eudaimonia and the joint University of Oulu and Oulu University Hospital Medical Research Center, Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Humanities.


Director: Prof. Johanna Myllyharju, Scientific Director of Biocenter Oulu

Vice director: Prof. Anne Remes, Director of Medical Research Center, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine