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Language Requirements

– here are the detailed rules of language requirements

Language Requirements for Admission 2019

English language proficiency is always tested with all applicants. The following gives you the detailed rules concerning the language requirements.

The authenticity of the test results will be automatically checked with the test organiser. In cases of a test result is found to be a forgery, the application will be automatically rejected.

Approved methods of demonstrating language proficiency (English):



Document needed

Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree in English

Copy of the transcript of records from the issuing institution. If the original document is not issued in English, Finnish or Swedish, translation to one of the languages is also required. If the country of the issuing institute is not listed (see web site) the transcript or supporting documentation from the issuing institute must indicate that the degree was conducted in English language.

Finnish matriculation examination: English with a minimum grade of M

Copy of  Finnish matriculation examination certificate

20 ECTS credits of studies conducted in English language at a Finnish University or a University of Applied Sciences

Copy of transcript of records or other official documentation from a Finnish university or a university of applied sciences in Finnish, Swedish or English, clearly stating the courses completed in English.

580 (with a minimum of 4.5 in the Test of Written English, TWE)

Original test score report from the testing organization

92 (with a minimum of 20 in Writing section)

Original test score report from the testing organization

6.5 (with a minimum of 5.5 per each section)
Academic Module only!

Original test score report from the testing organisation OR copy of the test score report

Pearson Test of English, PTE 
(with a minimum of 52 in Writing section)
PTE Academic only!

Online language test results from the testing organization

Pass level A, B or C

Copy of the Cambridge ESOL's Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE)

Pass level A, B or C

Copy of the Cambridge ESOL's Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

National Certificate of Language Proficiency 
Skill level 5 in the following subtests;  reading, writing, listening and speaking

National Certificate of English Language Proficiency by Finnish National Board of Education

IB English as the A language with an approved grade

A copy of the certificate

IB English as B language with a minimum grade of 5

A copy of the certificate

EB English as the LI language with an approved grade

A copy of the certificate

RP English as a written test with an approved grade

A copy of the certificate


Submitting the language test scores – instructions for applicants


All language test results must arrive at University of Oulu by the application deadline. It is always the applicant’s responsibility to make testing arrangements for her/himself and to make sure the test results are delivered on time. Be advised that it may take several weeks before the test results are published, and thus we recommend you to book your test well in advance.

Please note, that the language test result must be valid throughout the application period!

When filling out the IELTS Application Form to take the test, please address the test results to the University of Oulu.

When completing the TOEFL Registration Form, please fill in University of Oulu's Institution Code 0229 in the Score Report Recipient field.

For CAE and CPE, please address the test results to University of Oulu. An applicant's copy of the test score is acceptable, as your results will be verified from the test organiser. Include your Candidate's ID (3 letters and 6 numbers) and secret code (4 numbers), if applicable (available for tests taken after 2005). If you do not have these codes, you can request them from the testing organisation. If the codes are unavailable, you should ask for the Statement of Results from Cambridge ESOL to be sent directly to the University of Oulu. Test scores sent as email attachments will not be accepted. Please note that only tests taken after 2005 will be accepted.

Test results for PTE Academic are typically available within 5 working days following the test session. Once you receive your test score, send it to University of Oulu from your PTE account. After this, university should have access to your test results within 48 hours. Be advised that online language test results will only be accepted from the test organiser.



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