Longye Zhang University of Oulu Alumni Ambassador

China-Finland business facilitator

Longye Zhang

My Study and Career

I am working at Lewel Group Finland Oy as regional business development manager (Asia). My work, currently, is more focused on building sales channels in mainland China, studying the market, and developing needed resources, especially in relationships. Because of my work, there are three sectors I am more active in: wireless, industry and life science.

I first came to Finland as an MBA (Master's Degree in Business Administration) student at Oulu Business School, Finland. I also worked at Sunduka in mobile marketing sector as a project worker, and helped them to establish internationalization strategies.

My studying and working experiences in Finland have provided me with insight of Finnish technology industries from various business functional perspectives. Years of working and studying experience in China allow me to obtain solid resources, networks and knowledge in the Chinese market. I am enthusiastic to make the best use of my Chinese and Finnish expertise to facilitate inter-business opportunities in the two countries.


My Leisure Time in Oulu

Spring is quite short in Finland; autumn has most of the colors, and this is the season when I take most pictures of the nature. When summer is around and there is so much light outside, I really enjoy doing outdoor activities: walking, biking, BBQing and meeting friends, having picnics in the park; there are so many options. When winter comes, and when it is a lot darker outside, for some people it is a bit depressing but I find it quite the opposite. I can finally calm down, enjoy the peace at home reading books, watching videos and movies.

I developed a new hobby of taking and making hair tutorials some time ago, and that’s what has been keeping me busy at home since. Of course, socializing is something I enjoy a lot, and I almost devote all my weekends on this. Sometimes me and my friends visit each other’s homes or go to a restaurant, bar and even clubs together. Of course, winter sports are very common activities in this region. Unfortunately, I have not found myself any chance to try those, but I’m sure I will.

Last updated: 5.1.2017