Student Selections

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After the application period has ended, the University of Oulu receives the preprocessed applications and the selection committees at the Faculties start their work. Depending on the amount of applications and the selection process (e.g. if there are interviews), this can take up to over a month, even two. During this time, applicants are advised to wait patiently. To find out the important dates of the admission process, please visit the Deadline page.

Announcement of Results: End of April 2017

Information on student selection is available by the end of April 2017. Applicants who are accepted to study at the University of Oulu will be sent an official Letter of Admission and electronic information package via e-mail by the end of April 2017. Please follow our updates for detailed dates.

What to Do if You Get Accepted?

Accepted applicants must confirm the offered study place and register to the University of Oulu according to the directions and deadlines stated in the letter of admission.

Lists of Selected Students

The links below will activate when the student selection has been confirmed and the information published. We will publish only the names of those applicants who have given prior permission (permission was asked in the application form). Please note that some of the selections are conditional, and students who have received Letter of Conditional Admission have to send certified copies of their degree certificates and final trancript of records to the university by the given deadlines. 

Congratulations on Your Study Place at the University of Oulu!

Business and Economics

Oulu Business School all programmes selections 2017


Education and Globalisation

Learning, Education and Technology

Engineering and Architecture


BME: Signaling and Image Processing

Computer Science and Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Product Management

Wireless Communication Engineering

Health Sciences

BME: Biomechanics and Imaging

Natural Sciences

Ecology and Population Genetics

Economic Geology

Protin Science and Biotechnology

Software, Systems and Services Development in the Global Environment

Double Degree Programmes

Molecular Medicine, double degree

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