Mentoring is a relationship and confidential discussions between an experienced individual with a HE degree and a Master's degree or doctoral student. It lasts about six months. Mentoring is a voluntary action. It aims at supporting the student in decision-making and career planning and management.

The student, mentee, sets targets to mentoring and communicates them to the mentor. It falls to the mentee to actively manage the mentoring relationship: they suggest meetings, plan them, prepare and reflect on how the mentoring targets are being met.

The application period for Master's degree students is annually in August-September and for doctoral students either in May-June or in August-September (see further down for more information).

The mentors enter the mentoring programme as they are sharing their expertise and experience in the mentor-mentee meetings. In the mentor, the mentee can see one potential future career path. The mentor listens, questions, challenges and gives honest feedback. The mentor helps the mentee their full potential. The mentor, also, can be challenged, learns, gets to analyse own reasoning and widens networks. Mentors can sign up here year-round.

During mentoring, the university organises three meetings for all mentors and mentees (kick-off meeting, mid-way meeting, final meeting). In addition, the mentor and the mentee agree on private meetings, usually three to eight during the programme.

Mentor-mentee meetings are the very essence of the mentoring programme. They are planned by the mentee, who draws an agenda for each meeting. The topics often include finding the first job after graduation, career path, strengths and weaknesses, how to make the most of the remaining studies, articulating skills and competencies, job seeking documents and work-personal life balance.



Mentoring schedule for the academic year 2018-2019

This schedule applies to all Master's degree students participating as mentees and their mentors. The schedule for doctoral students will be confirmed as soon as possible.

8.10.-29.10. at 12 (noon)
Student application period
Mentors can sign up here. Please sign up bt 2.11. if you wish to be matched with a mentee in 2018-2019. If you wish to participate later, you may sign up  at any time.

9.10.2018 Tellus Stage
Info session for students
14.00 in Finnish
15.00 in English
Mentor: feel free to invite us to your organisation to give a brief presentation of the programme at

Students will receive the date and time for their interview by email.

31.10.-2.11.2018, 8.00-16.00
Tellus Innovation Arena, Horizon
Interviews for students
Mentors will not be interviewed

5.11. –
Matching mentees and mentors

Selection is announced by email to all mentors and students.

Venue TBC
Event starts for mentors at 16.30, mentees join at 17.15
Mentoring meeting for all mentors and mentees: you will meet with your mentor/mentee for the first time

>>>> Mentor-mentee meetings start, usually once a month, at least 3 times during the programme

Tellus Innovation Arena / Stage
Mentoring meeting for all mentors and mentees. You can attend even if your mentee/mentor cannot attend.

>>>> Mentor-mentee meetings continue

Tellus Innovation Arena / Stage  
Mentoring meeting for all mentors and mentees. You can attend even if your mentee/mentor cannot attend.
Mentoring programme ends