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General about studies and studying

Finnish academic system

Here you can find basic information on Finnish academic system like how your studies and degree are structured, what the teaching periods are, what kind of Finnish credit system is or how courses are graded:

Planning yous studies and a personal study plan (PSP)

IMP and ITE students

One of the most important tasks you as a degree student have in first the autumn is to draft yourself a personal study plan (PSP) regarding the contents and the schedule of your studies. The PSP helps you to clarify your own goals, stay on schedule and advance in your studies. To get your degree completed within the target time, it means studying 60 credits per academic year. The degree structure of your degree programme provides the framework and basis for your personal study plan. Familiarise yourself with the course catalogue of your faculty already in the early stages of your studies and use it to plan your studies and the schedule.

Exchange students

Exchange students are advised to take 30 Ects each academic term, you have prepared your study plan through the learning agreement in your SoleMove exchange application. You are able to make changes to the learning agreement, make sure you have those accepted by both your home institution and the host department at the University of Oulu. Changes can be made even after arrival, consult your exchange coordinator for more information during the orientation week. 

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Support services to students

University of Oulu offers many services in the degree programmes, faculties and at university level to support your studies. You can obtain guidance and and services in the different stages and situations of your study path, for example, for planning the studies, the progress of the studies and time management, writing the thesis, internship, and when transferring to the working life. Get familiar with the services on Supporting your studies -web site.

Information systems for Education

The University of Oulu uses several systems for studying, making it easier for you to plan your studies and monitor your study progress. These systems are designed to be compatible with each other. You can log in using your student account. If you are using several systems at the same time, it is enough to log in once. By using these tools, you receive up-to-date information on study related notices and news. More information about information systems for education on Tools and Forms -website.

Student communication

Students are offered information on studies and studying through various media. The university will use email to send important study-related information to students. Please, make sure that the email address in your personal data in WebOodi is one you use actively. We strongly recommend you to activate also the Office 365 for Education email service provided for the students by the University of Oulu.

Information on studies:

Working life and networking

Academic education opens up various career paths and provides know-how for many kind of expert positions. Think what you are interested in, what kinds of abilities your degree provides and what kind of a future you want. Moreover, find out about the job opportunities there are in your field of study.

The majority of the degree programmes include an obligatory, voluntary or alternative internship. It provides an opportunity to get to familiarise yourself with work of your interest either in Finland or abroad. With an internship, you get to network with professionals and gain work experience in your own field.

During studies you build and become part of networks as you meet new people in new environments: other students, professors and teachers as well as alumni. Tellus Innovation Arena is an inspiring open space designed to make connections, work together and create new. You can use Tellus spaces independently or participate in facilitated activities related to university-company collaboration, entrepreneurship and international affairs:

  • Demola is an international learning environment and innovation platform, bringing together students in various fields to form multi-disciplinary and multicultural project groups for solving actual work life related open problems. The teams will develop innovative solution models to the problems for companies and organizations to utilize.
  • Business Kitchen is the Oulu universities’ entrepreneurship hub – a community and co-working space to boost action and discover new opportunities in business and in life. University students are welcome to stop by in the Business Kitchen to work or to see what opportunities they might find to enrich the studies or student life.
  • Business Kitchen houses organisations and start-up companies. In Business Kitchen, you can meet and greet Oulu Student Entrepreneurship Society representatives and even consider becoming a member. T Sozialising Friday is a concept that brings together experts, entrepreneurs, students as well as University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences staff to open, free-of-charge Socializing Friday events.

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Internationalisation during studies

The university of Oulu offers for degree programme students various opportunities for student exchange and internships abroad. It is useful to start thinking about exchange programmes or international internships already at the beginning of your studies, and take that into account when drafting your PSP and discuss it with your personal tutor teacher or your programme coordinator.

Every year, about 1,300 international degree programme students and postgraduate students study at the university of oulu, in addition to the numerous foreign teachers and researchers who work at the university. As an international student utilise this opportunity to get to know both Finnish and other international students and other cultures.

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Alumni relations

All University of Oulu graduates with a Bachelor’s, Master’s or a Doctoral degree are University of Oulu alumni. Many of the 55,000 alumni that have graduated since the University was founded in 1958, live in the Oulu region or Northern Finland. Quite a few live and work in Southern Finland and about 1,500 are located overseas, mostly in Europe. One of the first alumni is President Martti Ahtisaari, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who was nominated the first University of Oulu Alumnus of the Year in 1999.

Alumni network: To stay in touch with you after graduation, the University warmly invites you to join the Alumni Network. The Alumni Network is a free-of-charge service open to all University of Oulu graduates. Network members receive a regular alumni newsletter and invitations to events. Currently, there are about 6,000 network members. To show your University of Oulu connection in your LinkedIn profile, please join the Alumni of Oulu University group.

Alumni Ambassador Programme: To get involved in Alumni Relations already while studying, you can join the University of Oulu Alumni Ambassador Programme that offers marketing and communications related training and volunteering possibilities. Any Master’s degree student can participate in the programme.

Mentoring: Some degree programmes offer mentoring for degree seeking students; if you are interested in personal and career development and wish to share your thoughts, hopes and even fears with an alumni expert, please inquire your programme coordinator about the possibility. Please note that not all International Master’s programmes offer mentoring. Career days and alumni events are in place in many programmes and faculties to link students and alumni.

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