Autumn 2017 orientation starts on September 1. Many parts of the programme is directed to all new students where as some are only for international Master's programme students and some for exchange students.

For all new students

Friday September 1

9.00-12.00 Orientation fair at Linnanmaa campus lobby: your chance to take care of practicalities at one location
- student union fee payments (in cash): 54,50eur per term, 109eur for full year
- certificates of registration
- student card information
- general information for new students
- Finnish Immigration: get your Finnish ID number

12.15-13.15 University of Oulu Rectorate welcomes all new students

16.00 Language studies at the University

Saturday September 2

9.30 Info sessions on Finnish Academic system and on How to live like a Finn.

11.00-12.30 Info session on University's services for students, on permits, banking, sports, health services etc.

Wednesday September 5

Academic year 2017-18 official opening ceremonies, more information coming later


Following events for International Master's programme students only

Friday September 1

13.30 onwards Future Factory project

First meetings for each International Master's programme will be listed below. Information on further orientation schedule will be presented at this event.

Following events for exchange students only

Friday September 1

8.30-9.00 Students who rent through PSOAS: Attend the info session at 8.30 and sign your tenancy agreement during the orientation fair

14.00-16.00 Study info sessions by Faculties, locations will be available later


Last updated: 19/4/2017