New Students | Study Place Confirmation and Enrolment and Registration

All new students admitted to the University of Oulu in spring 2017 are required to make a study place confirmation and register to the University.

Study Place Confirmation and Enrolment and Registration

Degree students incl. International Teacher Education students

Students can confirm their study place in My Studyinfo -service.

Students who have a notification of acceptance as a student in University of Oulu in My Studyinfo -service in 1st of July 2017 or earlier, need to confirm their study place by July 14, 2017 at 15.00 / 3.00 pm.

Those students who have been accepted later need to confirm their study place in 14 days from the date of acceptance notification. If a student doesn’t confirm the study place as instructed they will lose their study place.

New students can enroll and register to University using OILI online service if they have Finnish internet banking agreement. You are forwarded to the OILI online service after you have confirmed your study place in My Studyinfo -service.  Notice that when registering you will also have to pay the Student Union membership fee. You can only enroll as present to the whole academic year 2017-2018 in OILI online service. You can enroll and register to the University also at Faculty Study Affairs  or sending a form in the mail. If you have to register as an absent student you need to do this registration at Faculty Study Affairs. All new students have to register to University either as a present or absent student by August 28, 2017, at 15.00 / 3:00 pm.

You can fill and print the enrolment and registration form, available on Forms page, in advance if you are registering at Faculty Study Affairs. The form is also available at Faculty Study Affairs service point.

On issues concerning registration contact Faculty Study Affairs
email: opintoasiat(at)

International Master's Programme students

All students accepted to an International Master's degree programme need to confirm their study place with the following schedule:
by 14 July 2017 by 15.00 / 3.00 pm (GMT +3)

Confirm the offered place electronically through the link in your email notification. If you have a Finnish ID number and online banking credentials, mobile certificate or an electronic ID card you can also accept the study place by logging in at the My Studyinfo -service. Please note that you can only accept one study place per term. 

If you don’t confirm your study place by the due date, you will lose the study place. 

Registration to the University and Student Union membership fee payment will be made during the orientation week or at the Student Union Office on Linnanmaa campus.

Students conditionally accepted to a Master’s degree programme, deadline to submit a certified copies of your degree certificate and transcript
• June 12, 2017 by 15.00 / 3 pm (GMT +3): students graduating from a Finnish University of Applied Sciences
• July 28, 2017 by 15.00 / 3 pm (GMT +3): students graduating from abroad or a Finnish research University

Exchange students

Confirm your exchange period in SoleMOVE application database and return the Enrolment and Registration form at least a month prior to the start of your exchange period to

Registering as absent

According to Universities Act first year student can register as absent only due to:

  1. performing service under the Conscription Act (Asevelvollisuuslaki 1438/2007),the  Non-Military Service Act (S1446/2007), or the Act on Women’s Voluntary Military Service (194/1995)
  2. maternity, paternity or parent leave, or
  3. student’s personal illness or injury

You can not register as absent to the University of Oulu using OILI Service. You need to register as absent at Faculty Study Affairs.

Read more on registering as absent.


Students registering as present need to pay The Student Union membership fee is 109 EUR/academic year and includes a student health care fee of 54 EUR. The fee per term is 54,50 EUR and the health care fee is 27 EUR.

In case the student is a registered student at multiple Finnish universities, they still have to pay the full fee of all student unions. You can apply for a refund for overlapping health fees from that student union where the latest health care fee was paid to. Apply for relief for membership fee by September 30, 2017 for autumn term, and by January 31, 2018 for spring term. Post-graduate student membership fee is not affected by this.

Student account

At the beginning of your studies, you are granted with a personal student account that you can use to access e.g. university's information services. Student account is valid as long as you are registered as a present at the University of Oulu.

You will also get a University of Oulu email address that will be used to send important study related information during your studies.

Read more on Student Account from IT Administration Services.

Student number and Student card

After you have activated your student account according to IT Admistration Services' instructions, you can login to WebOodi. You can find your student number by clicking 'Personal data' from the top bar below your name in WebOodi.

Instructions on how to order a student card are found from The Student Union of the University of Oulu’s pages.


At the beginning of your studies you will receive a calendar on behalf of the University of Oulu’s Student Union. You can get a Student Union calendar at Linnanmaa both from Student Center without a service number, and from Student Union service point. Faculty of Medicine students can also pick up materials from Faculty office, Aapistie 5 A.

Student Union has service points on both Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas campuses (Aapistie 5).

Last updated: 15.9.2017