Where and when to register

Registration period for the academic year 2017-18 (existing students) starts on May 2, and ends on September 12, 2017.

Registration in OILI

New students use OILI online service to enroll and register to University.

Enrolled and registrered degree students with a valid study right after 1.8.2017 can register using OILI online service. Other non-degree students register in WebOodi, see below.

In the future annual registration in WebOodi will be replaced by OILI online service, which will be available for enrolled degree students as well.

In order to sign-in to OILI, you need to have a University of Oulu student account, and a Finnish social security number in Oodi. You can see all your valid study rights at any Finnish higher education institution in OILI, and register to several higher education institution at the same time.

Notice! As OILI online service is a joint registration system for all higher education institutions in Finland, it checks your study rights and registration information based on VIRTA data warehouse (not directly from Oodi). Information from Oodi transfers to VIRTA once a day. OILI receives information from Oodi with 1-3 day delay. If you registered in WebOodi or at Faculty Study Affairs, you will not see your registrations in OILI immediately. Try signing in to OILI the next day to see up-to-date information.

Payments are made in OILI using PayTrail, as in WebOodi. Registration information can be seen in WebOodi. Registration will be transferred to OILI online system without a delay.

Existing degree students: OILI registration

Registration in WebOodi

Existing students can register and check their contact information in WebOodi. In order to be able to register in WebOodi, students need to have a valid student account. In WebOodi, it is also possible to change the student’s status from absent to present for the spring term between December 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018.

In addition to a valid University student account, students also need to have netbank access codes in order to pay the Student Union membership fee. More detailed instructions can be found at Oodi Guides for Students.

Registration at Faculty Study Affairs

Both existing and new students can register at the Faculty Study Affairs on Linnanmaa Campus. Students who have received their study place 2016, but are starting their studies in autumn 2017, register at Faculty Study Affairs by September 12, 2017. Registration can be done either a) by visiting Faculty Study Affairs service point or b) by filling in and printing Student enrolment and registration form from Student Affairs Forms page and sending both the form and receipt of Student Union payment to the Faculty Study Affairs by mail. Address for Faculty Study Affairs.

The Student Union membership fee has to be paid before registration can be made. More information on Student Union fees can be found here. If registration is done at Faculty Study Affairs, receipt of payment must be shown in order to be able to register. Student who were accepted last year, but are starting their studies this autumn, will receive a Certificate of Registration by mail after registration. Certificate of Registration has your student number that you need to have when applying for e.g. student card.

Registration at Faculty Study Affairs should be done well before your studies begin in order to avoid the rush in the beginning of September.

See Student Affairs opening hours from Faculty Study Affairs page

The Student Union OYY has their own service center on Linnanmaa Campus, open until June 15 Mon-Thu 10 am -2 pm. It opens again on Monday, July 31. Opening hours for August - September are Mon-Thu 8 am -4 pm, Fri 8 am - 2 pm.

There will also be an extra Student Union service desk in Kontinkangas Campus (Faculty of Medicine, Aapistie 5), open on:

  • August 2, 9 am-12 noon, and
  • August 14.-18. Mon-Thu 9 am - 4 pm, Fri 9 am - 1 pm.

If you are unable to collect your sticker in person, you can get it by mail. Send your Student ID Card and an envelope with the return address and a stamp to the Student Union. The address is:

Student Union of the University of Oulu
P.O. BOX 250
FI-90014 University of Oulu

Register as follows:

  • Pay the Student Union membership fee to Student Union account
  • Register to the university at the Faculty Study Affairs by filling in and returning the registration form found from Student Affairs Forms page. Remember to bring your student card and a receipt for the Student Union fee.

Students who are not members (e.g. Doctoral students, non-degree students) of the Student Union follow these instructions when applicable.

Registering as absent

Information on registering as absent can be found here.

Last updated: 15.9.2017