Registration options, altering status & fixed-term suspension of studies

Registration period for academic year 2017-18 for existing students is open 2. May - 12. September 2017

Spring term 2018 registration is open 1. December 2017 - 31. January 2018.

Students may register as

An “absent” status can be changed into a “present” status by visiting Faculty Study Affairs outside of the primary registration period as long as it is done by the last day of the term in question (Autumn: 31 Dec, Spring: 31 May).  In WebOodi, it is also possible to change the student’s status from absent to present for the spring semester between December 1, 2017 and January 31, 2018.

If the student registered as “present” for the Spring term during the Autumn term, and wishes to change it to “absent”, he or she must do so by 31 January, 2017. Thereafter, the change is possible only by special permission.

Please remember, that it is not possible to register or to make changes to your registration status for the autumn semester after the last day of December, or for the spring term after the last day of May. If a student is granted a new study right that valid in June or July, they can still register to the university during June or July. However, the registration must be done prior to taking part in e.g. teaching during the summer.


Last updated: 13.12.2017