Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students (post-Masters), such as doctoral and licentiate students as well as students pursuing other qualifications or non-degree studies, must register by 12 September, 2017.

These students are not obliged to join the Student Union. However, if they wish to join the Student Union, they need to pay the membership fee of 55€/academic year (27,50€/term). These students are not entitled to the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS/FSHS).

Students who have active study rights for both a post-Masters level degree and a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree, cannot register only as postgraduate (post-Masters level students), but their registration includes all study rights and the Student Union fee must be paid.

In case the student does not want to keep the Bachelor’s/Master’s study right, the cancellation must be submitted in written-form.

Re-registering after the study right has been lost requires the student to pay the re-registration fee 35 €. (Council of State's Degree 1082/2009).

Last updated: 18.4.2017