Student Union

The Student Union membership fee is 109 EUR/academic year and includes a student health care fee of 54 EUR. The fee per term is 54,50 EUR and the health care fee is 27 EUR.

In case the student is a registered student at multiple Finnish universities, they still have to pay the full fee of all student unions. You can apply for a refund for overlapping health fees from that student union where the latest health care fee was paid to. Apply for relief for membership fee by September 30, 2017 for autumn term, and by January 31, 2018 for spring term. Post-graduate student membership fee is not affected by this.

The membership fee is mandatory for all Bachelor and Master level students who have registered as present.

Postgraduate PhD students can join student union . The fee for postgraduate membership is 55 EUR/academic year or 27,5 EUR/term. The price of postgraduate membership excludes healthcare costs.

In addition to Bachelor and Master level students, Licenciate or Doctoral level postgraduate students, foreign exchange students with exchcange periof of over three months, and free mover degree students can also join a student union.

The following students can not join student union, as their studies are usually fee-based, part-time, and have varied amount of study credits: Open university, summer university, most qualification education, non-degree specialisation education, continuing training, and JOO-students, as they are usually already members of another student union.

Student Union account number: Oulun Osuuspankki IBAN: FI20 5741 3620 0141 31

New international degree students and exchange students pay the Student Union fee at the Orientation.


A student who fails to register will loose his/her right to study. At the same time, the student’s user ID for the university data network will cease to function. Without user ID, the student cannot use student email services, WebOodi or enter the library data base. In addition, if eligible, the national student aid grants will not be paid.

Re-registering after the study right has been lost requires the student to pay the re-registration fee 35€. (Council of State’s Decree 1082/2009).

Payment is made in person at Student Center. Registration is active for the term when re-registration is made.

Last updated: 8.5.2017