University exams

  • Information on University exams held on Linnanmaa campus by Faculties of Technology, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Science, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Oulu Business School, and Oulu Mining School.

In Faculties of Technology, Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Science, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine (Linnanmaa campus exams), Oulu Business School, and Oulu Mining School exams are arranged as University exams on Monday to Thursday at 2.30 p.m.-5.30 p.m., in Mechanical Engineering also on Saturdays at 9.00 a.m.-12.00. In general, the exams are in lecture halls L1, L3, L4 and L5.

Faculties of Humanities, Medicine, Education, and Oulu School of Architecture arrange their exams individually. These Faculties inform about their exam practices separately.

Students can find up-to-date exam information from WebOodi (e.g. when and where). Registration to University exams is done by Tuesday (23:59 noon) a week prior to University Exam. Registration is mandatory and it is done in WebOodi or Tuudo. NOTE. The exam is not graded if a student has not registered.

Note that if a student registered for the exam does not arrive for the exam, he or she is marked "not received", meaning that the course is listed in WebOodi as failed.

If student is late from the exam registration, what is the procedure?

  • Student cannot come to the exam without registration. If you are late from the exam registration, ​you can ask the Academic Secretary of your faculty to add your name to the exam list no later than 3 days before the exam. You cannot go to the exam without registration and your name must always be on the exam list. 
  • Canceling exam registration after the registration time: You can cancel your registration via the Academic Secretary not later than three days before the exam. In this case the Academic Secretary does not mark your exam with "did not arrive". 
  • The invigilator takes the exam paper also from a student who has not registered. This paper is sent to the exam room. Probably these exams are not marked. 
  • If the student is late from the registration, he/she can register to the next exam or ask the teacher to make an Examinarium exam. The teacher does not have an obligation to organize such extra exams to for the students.



    21.- 26.5.2018 AT 14.30-17.30

    • Tues 22.5. rooms L1
    • Wed 23.5. room L1
    • Thur 24.5. room L1


    28.5.- 2.6.2018 AT 14.30-17.30

    Last updated: 22.5.2018