Faculty of Technology – guidelines for a target university

Information about offered JOO studies

In principle, all courses belonging to the curriculum are offered. There may be exceptions, such as courses offered only for international exchange, courses provided by part-time resources, courses provided by another department or unit, courses requiring a great amount of resources, etc. Study rights will be supported based on case-by-case consideration. Departments will later announce courses that will not be a part of the studies offered as JOO studies under any circumstances.

Department-specific guidelines

Teaching offered by the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering are courses beyond basic and intermediate studies.

See programmes in Engineering.

Application periods for JOO studies

Twice per year. The application periods end on 30 April and 31 October. The processing takes approximately one month. A paper-based application form shall be delivered to the Faculty of Technology.

Student Guides

See programmes in Engineering.

Criteria for granting study rights

Resources available, sufficient preliminary information of the applicant, case-specific consideration. An official transcript of studies from the home university must be attached to the application.

Length of granted study right

The study right is granted for two academic years at most. The flexible study right ends when the right for completing a degree at the home university ends.

Delivery address for the supported application

Paper application form supported by the home university shall be delivered to the following address:
Chief Academic Officer Sirpa Nelo
Faculty of Technology
P.O.Box 4000

Starting JOO studies at the University of Oulu

The student must register at the target university in accordance with its standard registration procedures in order to use their study right. Further information on registration.

In order to receive an e-mail account, the student must contact IT Services at Student Center.

The following resources are also available to the student library services.

Registering the studies at the home university

The student will receive a transcript of studies. Otherwise the transfer of information to the home university is the student’s responsibility.

Contact information for the personnel processing the applications

All applications to the Faculty

Chief Academic Officer Sirpa Nelo
Tel: +358 294 48 2003
E-mail: firstname.lastname@oulu.fi

Contact information for personnel giving statements

Degree Programme in Architecture

Planning Officer Leena Kuorelahti
Tel: +358 294 48 4985
E-mail address: firstname.lastname@oulu.fi

Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering

Lecturer Reijo Saari
Tel: +358 294 48 2087
E-mail address: firstname.lastname@oulu.fi

Degree Programmes in Process Engineering and Environmental Engineering

Planning Officer Saara Luhtaanmäki
Tel: +358 294 48 2371
E-mail address: firstname.lastname@oulu.fi

Degree Programmes in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Networks

Planning Officer Maritta Juvani
Tel: +358 294 48 2767
E-mail address: firstname.lastname@ee.oulu.fi

Degree Programme in Industrial Engineering and Management

Planning Officer Mirja Väänänen
Tel: +358 294 48 2933
E-mail address: firstname.lastname@ee.oulu.fi

Last updated: 19.5.2016