RPL process

What is the RPL process like at the University of Oulu?

Degree requirements and learning outcomes are described in the curricula of the faculties. These curricula present discipline-specific principles for RPL. In addition, the university’s Education Council and graduate school (UniOGS) may provide general guidelines for credit transfer.

The RPL process of the University of Oulu, described in the attachment, is always initiated by the student.

  1. The student initiates the RPL process. Having compiled a personal study plan, the student evaluates his/her prior learning in view of the learning objectives of the courses/competences included in the curriculum. If they match, he/she has the option of seeking recognition for this prior learning. Assistance to that end will be provided by teacher tutors or other PSP advisors.
  2. Next, the student prepares an application for recognition of prior learning with the necessary attachments. To apply for formal RPL, giving credit for learning received at another institute (e.g. university, university of applied sciences/polytechnic or open university), it is necessary to submit the RPL 1A Form. Applications for informal learning, acquired through life/work experience, and non-formal learning, acquired through non-accredited modules of study, must be submitted using the RPL 1B Form. With the help of teacher tutors or other PSP advisors, the student must identify the RPL Assessor (head of the degree programme or subject, the faculty’s Vice-Dean for Education or the Dean of the University of Oulu Graduate School). The RPL Assessor evaluates the presented evidence and decides on the result of the application.
  3. Before sending in the application, the student must ensure that all attachments specified in the application form are enclosed. In addition, it is important to take back-up copies of all documents. A separate application must be submitted for each faculty.
  4. The student collects the decision from the RPL Assessor, unless instructed otherwise.
  5. On receiving the decision, the student decides whether he/she accepts it.
  6. If the student accepts the decision, he/she needs to deliver it to the faculty’s Service Point, where it will be entered into the study register. This marks the end of the process.
  7. If the student is dissatisfied with the decision, he/she may submit an informal written request for rectification to the faculty’s Chief Academic Officer, who forwards it to the RPL Assessor. This request must be made within 14 days of receiving the decision.
  8. Without undue delay, the RPL Assessor provides a written response to the request and sends it to the Chief Academic Officer. Also the student is notified of the response.
  9. If the student is dissatisfied with this decision or response, he/she may present a written request for rectification to the university’s Examination Board within 14 days.
  10. Failure to appeal for rectification within the stated time period means that the decision will remain effective, and the RPL credits the student may have been granted will be recorded accordingly.
  11. Rectification requests to the Examination Board must be submitted using the RPL 2 Form. This form CANNOT be submitted to the faculty’s Student Services; together with all necessary support documents, it must be sent to the following address:

Oulun yliopiston tutkintolautakunta
FI-90014 Oulun yliopisto

  1. The Examination Board will consider the request and render a decision in writing without undue delay. A statement may be requested from the RPL Assessor.
  2. All parties involved will be notified of the decision, which will be effective immediately. RPL credits that the student may have been granted will be entered accordingly into the study register. Notification of this decision will be communicated to the following:
  3. student who submitted the rectification request
  4. RPL Assessor who made the original assessment
  5. head of the degree programme
  6. Faculty Service Point for registration of credits.
  7. Decisions of the Examination Board are final and cannot be appealed. (University of Oulu Education Regulations § 27).

Requests for rectification are governed by the following acts:

Last updated: 6.6.2016