Culture Coaching

Culture Coaching is a service provided by the University of Oulu and the Network of International Students in Oulu (NISO ry). The service targets local businesses and organisations in Oulu and nearby regions who either operate internationally or are planning to do so. It is also available to those who wish to develop the cross-cultural communication and awareness skills of their staff in order to get a competitive edge, optimize operations or simply learn something new.

Culture Coaches are talented international Masters level students who have work experience from their home countries and a previous degree under their belts. 11 culture coaches from 11 different countries in Asia, Europe and South America have have been trained to work as “cultural ambassadors” in Finnish businesses and organisations. 


What are the benefits of culture coaching to businesses?

  • Understanding and optimizing the role of cultural differences when cooperating and dealing with international partners either in Finland or abroad.
  • Find out about the culture coach’s native culture and country of origin:  organisational culture; styles of leadership and communication; how meetings are conducted; when to and when not to talk business; power relations and traditions; travelling in the country; language issues etc.
  • An easy and inexpensive way to benefit from the know-how of local international students right here in Oulu.
  • Get information about international programmes and the international expertise being trained at the University of Oulu.
  • The learning experience - an opportunity for businesses and organisations to meet students who are truly familiar with the country an organization is targeting its operations,
  • Recruitment and cooperation opportunities - possibly a chance for continuing cooperation with the student through traineeship/ project work/ thesis work or longer term employee in the organisation.

Culture Coaches


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Contact Information

For more information on culture coaching opportunities,
please contact:

Bärbel Fink
Coach, trainer, education planner
University of Oulu, Extension School
Tel. 040 5519250

Email for culture coacing is