Contact Councelling

Are you at the stage in your studies where you feel that it could be useful to talk to a student counsellor? Are you puzzling over, for example, the goals of your studies, study-related choices, internship opportunities, job opportunities after graduation, or career options? Do you feel that you are not gaining credits fast enough, or that your thesis is not progressing the way you would want it to? Are you experiencing motivational issues or feeling stressed? Do you feel that anxiety, or other factors, hinder your studies?

You may contact student and career counselling and student counselling psychology services via this form. Your information will then be dealt with by student and career counsellors as well as student counselling psychologist at the Counselling and Career Services. After receiving your form, we will contact you. All the information in the form will be dealt with in confidence; the form will only be used for contacting you, and for compiling statistics.

Please fill in the form, and select submit to send it.

Last updated: 5.8.2016