Business Kitchen

Business Kitchen is the universities’ entrepreneurship hub formed by the University of Oulu and University of Applied Sciences. It enables business opportunities identification, joint development and exploitation and is an open meeting place and learning environment. It offers spaces, events, networks and services to achieve and promote the ideas into concrete business. Universities’ students may take credits by participating in organized Business Kitchen programs such as the Arctic Business Corridor, Avanto Accelerator and Demola.

The hearth of Business Kitchen is a community formed by hundreds of people. It includes two universities’ students and staff, entrepreneurs, people with entrepreneurial mindset and also entrepreneurial and innovative people from both the public and private sectors. Employees of both universities are there to help you and provide network access - no matter what kind of questions you have, we will find a solution one way or another!

Business Kitchen activities are carried out at Tellus Innovation Arena and Kotkantie campus of the Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

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Last updated: 14/12/2016